How To Share Pokemon Unite Data Across Nintendo Switch And Mobile [2022]

The Pokemon spinoff game is available on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. So if you want to share saved data to carry over your progress between Nintendo Switch and mobile, see the instructions below. To facilitate cross-play between all compatible platforms, Nintendo enables moving your gameplay progress from the Nintendo Switch version. Once you learn the how-to move Pokemon Unite MOBA data, it becomes possible to resume playing from where you left off on another device.

After the rapid rise in the popularity of the MOBA game genre in recent years, The Pokemon Company finally embraces the concept as well. Since its launch on Nintendo Switch two months ago, developers have released the free-to-play Pokemon Unite mobile title on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With that, players can also easily share their progress between the Switch and mobile devices.

Here’s how you can share your saved data across the two versions of Pokemon Unite.

pokemon unite share dave data across devices

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How To Share Pokemon Unite Save Data Between Switch And Mobile:

  1. First, note that your Pokemon Unite progress is linked to the Nintendo account or Pokemon Trainer Club account you use when you begin the game.
  2. With access to an active account, you can then proceed to share your data between the Switch and mobile versions.
  3. For that, log in with the same account you were asked to link when starting the game on a new device for the first time.
  4. But remember that you must use your existing account the first time you start the game; otherwise, the transferring progress won’t go through.
  5. However, if you start playing on a new device without linking first, it will automatically create a new data file, which means you can no longer connect your current progress.
  6. Pokemon Unite is free to download, which you can play free with options to purchase in-game items using real money. In a departure from most other Nintendo Switch multiplayer games, there is no need to have Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play Pokemon Unite online. Moreover, both the mobile and Switch versions have identical gameplay and content.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, The Pokemon Company offers something unique with the mobile launch of Pokemon Unite. Future significant updates promise to include lots of new features and content to keep things fresh such as new items, a second battle pass, and a spectator mode allowing you to watch matches involving other players.