Get Windows 10 Hello Fingerprint Reader For PCs

If you’re interested in Microsoft certified latest fingerprint technology to use on your computer, follow the instructions in this article to add Windows 10 Hello Fingerprint Reader on any PC or laptop. You will find the information in this post useful if your Windows PC doesn’t come equipped with fingerprint technology as we are going to be sharing an alternative way to get this feature on your device.

buy windows hello fingerprint reader usb

You can easily configure your desktop PC or laptop to enable Windows 10’s new Hello Fingerprint Reader feature to any compatible device. This gives you extra security by protecting your device from unauthorized access. Despite growing evidence related to user data privacy violation and data breaches, it’s surprising to see far too many users take their PC security for granted.

All big tech companies are acutely aware of this increasing assault on user data. Apple constantly improves its software and hardware with the view to making them capable of handling all the latest security threats. Passwords used to be the norm when it comes to logging into computers and mobiles. But they are no longer a foolproof method of protecting digital devices because of the ever evolving nature of hacking and surveillance that can easily crack password to gain entry into the device. That’s why companies are moving away from password and towards Touch ID support as seen on latest Macbook Pros, iPhone, Android flagship smartphones, and Windows PCs and laptops. Fingerprint technology stands a better chance of blocking attempts to log into a phone or computer without the owner’s permission.

windows hello fingerprint reader

If your Windows PC or laptop doesn’t feature a built-in fingerprint sensor technology, having a USB-based fingerprint readers comes in really handy in that situation.

The Windows 10 Hello USB Fingerprint Reader is a simple-to-use USB reader/dongle that can easily be attached to a Windows PC or laptop. This dongle is also a Windows Hello compatible fingerprint sensor. When you plug it in your PC Windows 10, it immediately locks your computer, files, documents, and data that can only be accessed with a registered fingerprint after verifying the user’s identity.

Here are the main features of this Windows 10 Hello USB Fingerprint Reader. It works with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Main Features

– Securely login into your PC with fingerprint.
– Can also be used to protect files, applications and folders on PC with fingerprint with a compatible third-party software.
– 360° one-touch capacitive all angle recognition.
– Windows Hello support on Windows 10.
– Plug & Play: Easy to setup and use with no third-party software required when used with Windows 10 PCs.
– Supports up to 10 fingerprint registration for a single or multi-person setup.
– Works with Windows desktop PCs, laptops and even tablets.

windows 10 usb fingerprint reader

It is not too expensive a device. For a mere $50 you can add an extra layer of protection to your Windows PC. You can get it from here. Simple visit the link, and select the model you wish to purchase. There is a limited time discount on the device. Get 20% off on it using DAD18DAY20 promo code at check out. Although you can do without a fingerprint reader on your computer, but it’s always better to have that added security to your device, which the Windows Hello Fingerprint sensor provides like a charm.

You can buy Windows 10 Hello Mini USB Fingerprint Reader for $49.95 (Original Price: $79.95).

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