How To Watch Amazon Prime and Netflix Offline [Android Tips & Tricks]

A large number of Android users have Netflix and Amazon Prime or at least one of the two apps installed on their smartphone or tablet. Streaming movies and TV shows is the new worldwide trend. When it comes to online streaming content, Netflix is the undisputed powerhouse with Amazon Prime in second place in terms of active subscribers. Both online streaming services offer a wide variety of content to different geographical locations all across the globe.

netflix and amazong prime video offline

Netflix has a strong grip on the streaming market in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe and most of the Central, South and East Asia. Whereas Amazon Prime, which launched after Netflix became a phenomenon, caters to all the above mentioned markets but has a larger market share in some regions and lags behind Netflix in others. Low subscription fee makes Amazon Prime a first choice in developing countries. Netflix holds its own despite higher subscription charges in developed countries where people have higher purchasing power.

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In many countries, the idea of streaming shows and movies online is relatively new. Like in the Middle East, India, China, and East Asia people are still adapting to the new wave of online streaming on smartphones and tablets. However, the problem in some underdeveloped countries is that they don’t have high-standard telecommunication infrastructure with wide coverage that could support fast internet speed consistently over a long period of time. This leads to buffering when you try to watch something on Netflix or Amazon Prime. So if you live in the region where internet speed fluctuates rapidly making streaming impossible at times, you should definitely consider downloading the content and watch it offline.

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Executives at both Netflix and Amazon Prime are cognizant of this issue, that’s why both streaming services offer an option to download movies and TV shows so that they can be watched later offline. Here’s how to go about the process on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Note: Before starting, do make sure that you have the latest version of the Netflix and/or Amazon Prime app. Also, not all videos are available for download.

Watch Amazon Prime Video Offline On Android

amazon prime video watch offline


1 – Download Amazon Prime Video App from Google Play Store, if you haven’t already.

2 – Open Prime video app on your Android device.

3 – Search the content you want to download.

4 – In case of a movie, tap the grey download button under Watch Now.

5 – Choose the desired video quality and click the download button. In case of a TV show, you will have to download each episode individually.

6 – Now to view the download content, tap the hamburger menu and select Downloads.

7 – You can delete a video by going to the Downloads section and long press the selected video. A new menu will pop-up, select Delete Download.

8 – That’s it.

Watch Netflix Offline On Android

netflix android app


1 – Download latest version of the Netflix app on your Android device.

2 – Launch the Netflix app.

3 – Tap the hamburger menu and go to Available for Download section.

4 – To download a movie, click on the download button under the play button. To download a TV show, select all the episodes that you want, and tap on the download button next to each episode.

5 – Tap on the download button.

6 – Now to view the downloaded content, go the My Downloads section.

7 – To delete a downloaded video, go to My Downloads, tap Edit and then tap the red X button.

8 – That’s all.

You can now watch Netflix or Amazon Prime Video movies and TV Shows offline on your Android device. Make sure that you connect your device to the internet once every 48 hours to keep the offline content otherwise the access will be revoked and you’ll have to repeat the above steps.