Download Facebook Videos And Share On WhatsApp [Android Tips & Tricks]

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is of the view that video will be the future of online social media landscape. This prediction is the reason why the world’s biggest social network can be seen heavily promoting more videos on its platform. Facebook also intends to challenge YouTube’s hegemony on video sharing in an attempt to take a slice of the overall revenue pie. However, sharing Facebook videos on other platforms is not as straightforward as those on YouTube because the company wants users to stay on its site to watch videos. So how do you share Facebook videos on, let’s say, world’s biggest instant text and video messaging application, WhatsApp? Well, there are several ways to accomplish this, as we are going to discuss in this post. In the following tutorial, you’ll learn how to download Facebook videos on PC and share them on WhatsApp, download Facebook videos on Android device and share them on WhatsApp, and share Facebook videos on WhatsApp without Android root.

facebook videos download guide

Facebook’s investment seems to be paying off. Over 80 percent of videos shared on Facebook are native to the platform compared to 10 percent of YouTube videos shared on the social network.While it still has a long way to go before catching up to the volume of videos shared and watched on YouTube daily, but early signs suggest that Facebook has all the ammunition to mount a stern challenge. For one, the social network boasts over 2 billion active users, which gives it large enough pool of target audience to experiment with video sharing.

So, you have come across an interesting video on Facebook which you want to download or share with friends and family contacts on WhatsApp? But since the social network offers options to share videos only within the platform, users are interested in knowing how to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to sharing Facebook videos on WhatsApp; even third-party apps don’t provide this functionality. For now, the only way is to download the Facebook video on a PC and then share it on WhatsApp. Here’s is how to do it.

Download Facebook Videos on PC and Share on WhatsApp

This method is much easier when you have access to a PC. Go to Facebook via a web browser on your computer. Scroll your timeline and click on the the video you want to share. Now click on the video URL and copy the URL. After that, go to the web version of WhatsApp and paste the copied link in the chat box. Your WhatsApp contact should be able to see the video that was previously only possible to view on Facebook.

facebook videos share on whatsapp via pc

Another workaround is to visit and paste the video URL in the URL box to download it, then send it your WhatsApp contact at or move it to your phone via USB or wireless transfer.

Download Facebook Videos on Android and Share on WhatsApp

facebook videos on whatsapp android

This method requires rooting your Android device. If you don’t know the concept of Android root, visit this link to learn about easy an way method to root your Android device right away. If you have an Android device rooted with the Xposed Framework, you need to access an Xposed Module called the Xposed One Tap Facebook Module.

The Module also contains a similar app called Xposed One Tap Download. Download and install them on the your device. Once done, enable the Xposed Module and restart your device.

Now the next time your browser Facebook through the app, you will see a new finger icon in the left corner of the status bar, when you select a video. Now pull down the notification area by sliding it from the top edge of the screen where you will see three options: Download, Play or Open. Tap Download the video to the storage of your device.

When the video download is complete, a new notification will be displayed on the screen, tap the notification to see the downloaded video. Now you can share it on WhatsApp like any other video on your device. But if the root method is complication for you, continue reading.

How To Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp Without Rooting Android

facebook video to whatsapp

This simple method allows Android users to share Facebook video on WhatsApp without root. You have to use Facebook through your mobile web browser instead of the app.

First of all, download and install FB Video Downloader app on your Android device. Launch the app to access Facebook mobile website. Login to your Facebook account. The website work as through its running in Google Chrome or any other browser.

Now when you select a video within this app, it will present Download, Watch and Cancel options. Tap Download to get the desired video saved to your device’s storage. Once complete, share it with your WhatsApp contacts like any other clip. Users of Xposed Framework can also use this method if they don’t prefer the Facebook application.

That’s all. Hopefully this guide helped clearing your issue with downloading and sharing Facebook videos on WhatsApp. For more, send your questions in the comments box below.

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