Download Official iPad Pro 5K Wallpapers [Leaked Demo Images]

Download iPad Pro 5K Wallpapers – official leaked images extracted by developers from the demo. Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5-inch had four new images at the time of its release, but apple did not allow them to be used on existing devices for some reason. But there are other ways you can get these iPad Pro wallpapers and set them as your device’s background without requiring Apple’s permission.

Some of these wallpapers were unavailable outside a dedicated Apple Store. Apple only made them available on iPad Pro reserved for demonstration purposes. That, however, is no longer the case.

ipad pro 5k wallpapers

Thanks to the ingenuity shown by a Reddit user who managed to AirDrop these wallpapers onto his device at a local Apple Store, they can be downloaded by anyone online. The images first surface on Imgur, but the site’s default settings don’t support the 5K image resolution thus failing to show stunning wallpapers in their full glory. Therefore the decision was quickly made to put the wallpapers on an alternative cloud service.

This had made it possible to view the wallpapers in their original 5K resolution, just as Apple would have intended. While the images are still uploaded on Imgur and you can browse them on the site. but we’d suggest that you download the full 5K images from the link down below and use them on any device. One reminder though – the set of wallpapers is missing one image due to compression issues, so if you want to view the mesmerizing aerial view of Buenos Aires in 5K, then pick it up from this link here:

ipad pro

Be sure to grab the wallpapers even if you don’t own a 5K device that can take full advantage of the resolution – because even scaled down version of these images would look great on your device, whether on iPad mini or older models or a new iPad Pro.

Download iPad Pro 5K Wallpapers | LINK