Dragon Raja PC Download For Windows 11/10//8/7, Laptop, Mac

Here download and install Dragon Raja for PC to play the mobile MMORPG with visuals and graphics optimized for bigger displays and a better playing experience. The Android mobile version of Dragon Raja from the developer Archosaur Games is out with the latest update now available on the Google Play Store. But if you’re looking to play Dragon Raja PC here is a simple method to get the official Dragon Raja mobile now on computer devices. Follow the step-by-step guide below to download and install Dragon Raja on a desktop or laptop for free.

Dragon Raja for PC Windows and Mac has all the features of the original game. You need to install Dragon Raja on PC using a third-party Android Emulator tool to play it on your computer.

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Dragon Raja Apk File Details:

App Name Dragon Raja
File Size 78MB
Latest Version v1.0.177
Operating System Android 5.0 and up
Developer Archosaur Games
Updated On February 23, 2022
Google Play Store Dragon Raja Play Store

Dragon Raja Review:

Dragon Raja 2022 is the winner of The Most Anticipated Game award – Unreal Open Day 2019. The Best Game For 5G – The 16th IMGA thanks to its industry-leading UE4 engine.

The Fantasy MMORPG has immersive graphics that complement smartphone displays with its stunning visuals augmented by sharp contrast and vibrant colors.

Dragon Raja PC 2022 features an epic fantasy world on a large scale that offers players complete freedom to explore.

This online MMORPG is the closest to Cyberpunk 2077 that you can get in terms of overall style on mobile.

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Moreover, there is a comprehensive character customization system to personalize your Dragon Raja characters with stylish outfits.

The innovative career campaign mode allows you to define and explore the personality of your hero through unforeseen events.

Dragon Raja Apk is bringing new features including All-new auto chess gameplay – Ally Chess is coming soon!

Deploy allies as chess pieces and checkmate your opponents on the chessboard-like battlefield. It’s time to put your wit and strategy to the test.

Dragon Raja Preview Video:

Main Features Of Dragon Raja:

As one of the few mobile games being developed on Unreal Engine 4, Dragon Raja offers an immersive world through the use of cutting-edge technology and stunning graphics.

Aside from classic MMO elements such as dungeons and guilds, players are also given the chance to showcase themselves as an expert chef or pop star, create your getaway by building houses and gardens, and even form a bond with other players to get your heir.

Dragon Raja offers a second life in the virtual world for each and every player!

Ally Chess Mode

In Ally Chess mode, you can recruit allies as chess pieces to play against your opponents.

Three identical chess pieces can be leveled up to a higher-level chess piece with powerful abilities, and those of the same faction or class can form a strong bond.

Crash your opponents and reign the battlefield through strategic defense and attack!

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Created with Unreal Engine 4, Dragon Raja is a next-generation open-world mobile game that offers a gigantic, immersive world through the use of cutting-edge technology and stunning graphics.

Dragon Raja also uses a simulated physical collision system and optical motion capture technology to deliver a “smart” in-game environment that maximizes players’ gaming experiences. Its fantastic graphics will give you the feel of playing a PC game!


From Tokyo to Siberia, countless scenic landmarks all over the world have been seamlessly integrated into the game’s open storyline.

NPCs will also give separate quests or engage in different dialogue based on player choices, giving them the power to change the world.

And now, players get to experience new stories, challenge more powerful world bosses and embark on a brand new journey!

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Dragon Raja features a comprehensive character customization system. You will be able to define their character’s personality through your responses to unforeseen events.

In Dragon Raja, you can create unique characters and dress them however they choose—with endless choices. Casual, retro, street, and futuristic are just a few of the styles you could choose from when styling their characters with additional styles to come!


The Dragon Lord, once sealed away by a group of humans known as hybrids, has come back to life. The hybrids—humans gifted with superpowers—are gathering to prepare for the coming battle which is sure to be an epic showdown.

Dragon Raja Reddit Community:

If you’re having an issue with Dragon Raja or want to join the world community of fans from across the globe, check out the Reddit page r/DragonRajaMobile for more.

Dragon Raja: How To Delete Character?

Right now, it is not possible to delete your character in Dragon Raja.

Once you create a character, customize its appearance, they’re permanently saved on the server reserved for that particular character.

Developers have not made it clear why this is the case. So you’ll have to wait for future updates to bring changes to this feature or visit the Reddit forum for more help.

Dragon Raja Codes:

Here is a list of Dragon Raja gift codes or Dragon Raja CD keys that you can redeem to gift cards, gems, gold, diamonds, and other exclusive packs as game items.

Codes/CD Key For Global Version:

  • DR666: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • UCBGKPK: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • DR333: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • DR777: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • TYPSDLR: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • TZFNHRJ: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • TUEWEAY: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • TVDUXCN: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • FCVTGKN: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • ESWUGTF: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • EPRGSDA: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • EMVVJAU: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • ENZQUST: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • ELPJUYJ: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • EHHSEWX: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • EJRWWVR: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • EKCPHMG: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack
  • EFWLNDD: Redeem this code to claim a gift pack

Dragon Raja Apk Screenshots:

dragon raja screenshots dragon raja screenshot dragon raja mod screenshots dragon raja apk screenshots dragon raja apk screenshot

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Download Dragon Raja For PC Windows 10 And Mac [2022]:

Get the official Dragon Raja for PC Windows to play it on a bigger display on a desktop or laptop. Dragon Raja on PC brings the best playing experience in high-quality on Windows devices.

If you own a computer, this tutorial will help you install the Dragon Raja for Windows 11, 10, 8, and Windows 7.

Install Dragon Raja On PC And Laptop

Since the Dragon Raja app is not officially available on the PC platform, you will have to go through an indirect route to install Dragon Raja on PC Windows 10.

First of all, make sure that you have the latest version of the BlueStacks Android emulator tool installed on your computer. We recommend using BlueStacks though there are several competent alternative Android emulators available that can get the done equally well. Download the one which suits your requirements.

After completing the installation process, launch your Android emulator. Make sure that you are logged in with your Google account ID. Go to Settings to see whether your Gmail or Play Store account is linked to the emulator.

Now, use search to find Dragon Raja Android mobile app and install it through your emulator’s built-in play store.

If the app is not available, download Dragon Raja APK from this link here and save it to your computer. Then head over to the location where you have saved the APK file and double-click on it to directly install the app onto your emulator.

In case your Android App Player is not set as default to run Android apps on PC, right-click on the APK file and select your Android emulator from the contextual menu.

Wait for the app to install. Once finished, go to the All Apps tab on your emulator tool and click on the newly installed app’s icon to open it.

Follow on-screen setup instructions to allow all the necessary permissions for the app to run on your device and start playing Dragon Raja for PC.

Final Words

So that is all you need to know about Dragon Raja gameplay, features, competitions, and how to download and install it on your Android device or PC Windows for free.