Download Hyper Scape For PC Final Open Beta 2020 [Official Ubisoft Battle Royale Game]

Hyper Scape is the upcoming survival game from the creators of the Assassin’s Creed game franchise. Ubisoft is planning the enter the popular battle royale game genre with its Hyper Scape series to challenge the supremacy of PUBG and Fortnite.

You can check the current status of the final open beta registration in the link below to test all the new features. The series 1 will be live when the official PC and console versions are officially released in August 2020.

The latest news update from Ubisoft sheds more light on what is coming with the Hyper Scape game, including Twitch-integration.

Here is everything you need to know about Hyper Scape gameplay, rewards, season one, battle pass, and other information.

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Hyper Scape Reward Event:

According to the latest press release, Ubisoft has opened a limited-time in-game currency rewards system.

As a thank you to all of our fans who have made the beta a success, we are launching a special reward event this weekend. Play the beta or watch on Twitch for at least one hour and you will receive 600 Bitcrowns on August 11th when Season One launches. There are two ways players can unlock this reward:

  1. PLAY the Open Beta for at least one hour this weekend
  2. WATCH eligible Hyper Scape streams on Twitch for at least one hour. (Streams must have the Crowncast extension enabled. Players must first link their Uplay account using the extension and claim at least one battle pass point to be eligible)

This reward is available starting today at 9:00 am PDT / 6:00 pm CEST and lasts until the Open Beta ends on Sunday August 2 at 11:59 pm PDT / Monday August 3 at 8:59 am CEST.

Hyper Scape Season One New Content:

Following PC-exclusive live phases, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will have the opportunity to jump into the Hyper Scape for the first time. Console players who have unlocked or purchased Technical Test and Open Beta cosmetic items, either by playing the live phases on PC or through Hyper Scape Crowncast, will have access to all those items when playing on console, as Hyper Scape supports cross-progression on all platforms.

“While the game has already been accessible on PC since our first test phase, Season One is for us the true launch of Hyper Scape,” says Graeme Jennings, Senior Producer for Hyper Scape at Ubisoft Montréal. “We have leveraged our test periods to develop and release frequent updates, notably on the global balance. With those updates, we are now ready to welcome console players into the mix, with lots of new content to enjoy.”

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Hyper Scape Storyline:

Season One kick-starts the overarching Hyper Scape narrative: There is a mystery in the Hyper Scape created by Prisma Dimensions that players will have to solve. Season One introduces Memory Shards that players can collect to discover more about certain characters and events. Every week, a new Memory Shard will be hidden in the game world, for players to find and collect. In addition to Memory Shards, comics will be released during Season One and following Seasons, building Hyper Scape’s story.

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Hyper Scape Crowncast Extension For Twitch:

Hyper Scape’s first season will introduce a new feature to the innovative Hyper Scape Crowncast Twitch extension: Kudos, a tool that allows viewers to support their streamers and react to the most exciting moments by producing in-game visual effects within a particular streamer’s match – Kudos can be purchased with Twitch’s Bits, a virtual good that shows support for streamers.

Thanks to Hyper Scape Crowncast, viewers can also progress on their free and premium Battle Pass by watching Hyper Scape streams on Twitch. Streamers can also invite viewers to join their squad in just a few clicks. The Vote on Events features that provides viewers a real-time impact on the battle gets extended in Season one with a new event card called “Lethal Melee.” During a “Lethal Melee” event, a player’s melee weapon can eliminate opponents in one hit. In total, nine Event cards are already available in the Hyper Scape Crowncast extension.

Hyper Scape Season Battle Pass:

Hyper Scape Season One also includes new customization items through its Battle Pass. This Battle Pass offers a free and a premium track and features 100 tiers of exclusive cosmetic items to unlock during the Season. The premium track of the Battle Pass is available for 950 Bitcrowns, the in-game currency. Players get Bitcrowns by simply playing the game, or by purchasing packs of Bitcrowns with real money on the Ubisoft or first-party stores. Similar to the Open Beta, viewers can progress their Battle Pass simply by watching Hyper Scape streams on Twitch with the Hyper Scape Crowncast extension enabled. Additional customization items will be available through the in-game shop.

Hyper Scape Walkthrough Video And Launch Trailer:

Download Hyper Scape Open Beta [Official Link]:

Click on the official source link here to download the Open Beta. The beta testing phase will shut down on 2 August.

Hyper Scape will launch on console and PCs on 11 August 2020. Season One will debut with the official release.

All progress and Bitcrowns earned during the open beta stage will be transferrable to the full version, on all supported platforms.

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