Cyberpunk 2077 MOD Featuring Third Person Camera View Is Available!

Players can view the futuristic Night City landscape with a third-person camera option now available for the updated PC version thanks to a newly released Cyberpunk 2077 MOD. We have shared a 3rd-person mod download link below as well as a preview video along with installation instructions.

Besides experiencing the surroundings from a third-person perspective, the new angle brings players’ own outfit in full view.

This particular mod for Cyberpunk 2077 featuring a third-person mode allows gamers to enable and disable a viewing angle different from the default first-person setting whenever they like.

For now, the mod works only on the PC iteration of Cyberpunk. Moreover, it is still pretty much a “work in progress”, so expect glitches to surface here and there. We expect future MOD updates to feature better seamless results.

Check the impressive first look at the Cyberpunk 2077 3rd-person view in full action below:

Jelle Bakker developed this mod from scratch. You can download it from the Nexus Mods repository.

Once activated, the modification makes it possible for Cyberpunk 2077 PC players to shift the first-person camera to an angle locked in behind their avatar. Now explore the Night City in a new way while admiring your character’s customized appearance.

cyber punk mod

To successfully run the mod, players must download it in conjunction with other updates that are part of the Cyber Engine Tweaks, which include fixes to any bugs and performance-related issues in the game, e.g., frame rate drops, etc. This ensures that the third-person mod performs smoothly.

After finishing downloading the mod and associated tweaks, players can fire up the game as usual. When done, simply hit the B button to swap camera angle into the third-person mode. Hitting B again switches camera views to four different angles.

As the mod is still in its initial development phases, expect tawdry animations. Therefore, you might want to avoid a third-person view to play the game in its entirety.

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Here is another important bit of information to consider before proceeding to use this mod:

IMPORTANT! Set your POV to 80!

It requires Cheat Engine to enable the script

Download Cyber Engine Tweaks and install it.

Step 1: Start Cyberpunk 2077
Step 2: Start Cheat Engine
Step 3: Attach process Cyberpunk 2077 to cheat engine
Step 4: press num 5
Step 5: press key ` (this is from Cyber Engine Tweaks)
Step 6: Console commands


First use this command: (this will spawn the head into your inventory)

Next use: (this will equip it, do this command again to unequip the head)
Game.EquipItemOnPlayer(“Items.PlayerWaPhotomodeHead”, “TppHead”)


First use this command: (this will spawn the head into your inventory)

Next use: (this will equip it, do this command again to unequip the head)
Game.EquipItemOnPlayer(“Items.PlayerMaPhotomodeHead”, “TppHead”)

Step 7: Enjoy

It is pertinent to note that the Cypherpunk 2077 original concept emphasized the first-person viewing angle for an immersive playing experience, so you probably shouldn’t tinker with the mode Projekt CD RED designed as default throughout the whole game.

As you can see in the video above, this mod works find when taking a leisurely stroll across the city but the animation gets wonky when attempting to walk around quickly or move with a sudden motion, for example when chasing or in combat scenes.

Cyberpunk 2077 is out on PC, Sony PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Xbox One platforms worldwide. However, the launch has been mired in controversy surrounding the game’s junky performance on the last-gen consoles mainly PS4 and Xbox One leading to the developer announcing refunds to affected customers.