Download macOS Mojave Beta 5 Stock Wallpapers (Complete Bundle)

Apple has surprised everyone by releasing a new lineup of amazing looking macOS Mojave wallpapers. Since Mac OS is still in beta testing phase, these wallpapers are officially available to the testers. However, we have managed to grab macOS Mojave Beta 5 wallpapers so that you can download all of them on any device, including non-macOS computers. Previously we shared the macOS Mojave dynamic wallpaper which reflects the time of day, today we are going to talk a bit about a new array of stock wallpapers.

mac os mojave wallpapers

The macOS Mojave is Apple most ambitious desktop operating system in years. It brings many new features users wanted to see in the OS. The new Dark mode is joy to use on Retina displays of iMac and MacBooks. Many new Apple exclusive apps are part of the experience for the first time. That said, its the wallpapers where Apple has taken significant strides.

As you can see in the screenshot of the wallpapers below, they are vibrant, colorful and show the effort that has been made while designing these images. There is a wallpaper for everyone. If you’re not a member of Apple’s beta program, there is no need to worry, because you can get your hands on a complete bundle without needing to install the latest macOS beta.

There are 24 wallpapers bundled into the pack. Download the zip file shared in the link below and save it on your device and set these images as your device’s main background image. The wallpaper package has abstract images, flowers, dynamic shapes and more. Also included in these wallpapers are the desert landscapes for good measure coupled with color spirals and such.

Apple has used these wallpapers in its promotional material for MacBook Pro and iMac Pro. If any of these images crossed your eye recently on the internet or during any of Apple’s commercials and you wished to get them on your own computer, now is the time to do it.

Here is macOS Mojave stock wallpapers screenshot. Download link is available down below.

macos mojave stock wallpapers

Download: macOS Mojave Beta 5 wallpapers | Link

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