Fall Guys Connection Error: How-To Fix On Any Device [2021]

Here are the tips and tricks to resolve the Fall Guys Connection Error on your Android, iOS, PC Windows, or PlayStation device. Developer Mediatonic after a successful Gears Pop! release has delivered yet another hit game with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Selling well over 2 million copies on Steam alone has been a massive success ever since the launch back in August. However, many players are complaining that they can’t connect to the Fall Guys servers when they start a new session or resume the gameplay.

If you’re among the unfortunate ones who keep getting a connection error in Fall Guys, we have the answers and some useful solutions that would help you change servers in fall guys in order to fix the connection error in the Fall men 2021 game.

After being on the receiving end of the same issue I began looking for the reasons behind why won’t my Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout work? My research indicates the reasons causing the problem to surface in the first place may vary depending on the device.

Therefore, it is important to learn what is the main reason you’re getting a connection error in Fall Guys on your device before implementing any solution. This is crucial because a wrong diagnosis may lead you to end up wasting your time looking for fixes where they don’t apply.

That said, in most cases, the chief culprit is the server connection error that interrupts your playing session in an abrupt manner.

fall guys server connection fixed

What Is Fall Guys Connection Error?

The error occurs when your Fall Guys game fails to connect to a server. This usually happens when a MOBA game gains extreme popularity in a short time, thereby creating a sort of bandwagon effect which draws lots of players to join and play in a multiplayer online battle arena at the same time. The resulting outcome is the server overload which culminates in them crashing under the pressure.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is grappling with a similar annoyance. Ever since its launch on August 4, 2020, players routinely come face-to-face with the irritating server connection issue. Even the developers have acknowledged the issue on Twitter back when it first began to appear.

Fall Guys Connection Error:

The connection error on Fall Guys gives a prompt showing one or more of the following messages:

  • Connection to the Server timed out
  • Please check the settings and try again
  • Unable to connect to the server, please check your connection
  • Failed to login, please check your connection
  • Connection to server timed out, please check the settings and try again

The developers while obviously elated by the overwhelmingly positive response Fall Guys is receiving from the gaming community but nonetheless are trying their best to permanently eliminate connectivity issues with the game servers through increased server capacity.

Fixing this Fall Guys server connection issues permanently will not only allow the creators to accommodate a constantly expanding userbase, but it would also allow achieving lower latencies that arise from an equal distribution of server load across the management system.

fall guys internet connection error

Due to problems with the server connectivity, players may not be able to avoid other errors similar to that of matchmaking error on Fortnite that says:

We underestimated the number of jellybeans in the jar. We’re working hard to increase server capacity but please be aware that matchmaking may be up and down during the launch window

The developers are issuing rewards to players as a form of compensation for the inconvenience they’re facing:

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[Fix] Fall Guys Can’t Connect To The Server Error On Any Device In 2021:

1 – Check Fall Guys Server Status

So how do you check the server status while playing Fall Guys on PC, PS4, PS5, or mobile? The game lacks a dedicated page showcasing live server status like Bethesda.

Therefore, to get all the latest information about the server status for the game, there’s no other way other than to regularly visit the official social media handles related to the game.

We hope that the developers will bring in a better way to present information about the server status in future game updates.

fall guys server connection error

But until then here are the official Twitter handles to follow:

The ultimate fix or workaround is primarily outside of the user’s control, here are some of the solutions to consider when you encounter this error.

2 – Installing Latest Update

Currently, there is no reliable solution that could address the frequent connection errors you’re encountering with the servers. The excessive workload on Mediatonic’s servers is likely the reason for the server errors. To put it simply, there are too many players playing the game all at once.

When there is a server issue, the solution goes out of the players’ hands. To hop into a game, wait until the normal service resumes or joining at the right time when the server overload is low. Some players have reported that picking specific times of the day to play might help circumvent the server issues.

fall guys failed to login error

3 – Check Internet Connection

Sometimes an unstable internet connection gets in the way of linking your game session to the servers. Spotty service leads to connectivity problems. So make sure that there is no issue on your end.

We expect the server issues to dissipate in the coming weeks as the developers upgrade their server system to account for the growing influx of players.

Fall Guys Server Timed Out Explained Video:


This is all you should know about the server connection error on Fall Guys. Future game updates will bring more stability with reduced server timed out issues. But for now, this is all you can do to fix Fall Guys server connection error.

If you know of any other solution? If yes, share with us in the comments below or let us know if any of the above information helped you fix your connectivity problem.

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