Pokémon UNITE Gameplay, Review, Characters, Price, And More!

Pokemon UNITE is a new free-to-play mobile MOBA game for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch devices. Get the Pokemon MOBA download link for Android and iOS below. Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Niantic, and Tencent have teamed up to develop Pokemon Unite with crossplay features to enable players on mobile and Switch to formulate real-time strategies in the multiplayer online battle arena.

A Pokemon MOBA is under a reliable umbrella with Tencent (TIMI) as they have years of experience developing hit mobile games such as PUBG and the Don’t Starve series.

Spice up the fun factor and play in the Pokemon Unite 5v5 interactive MOBA with your friends.

Make it worth it. Show them what you got. Score in the opponent’s goal!

Fight and evolve.

Level up and gain experience.

It looks like matches are much faster than LoL Mobile (10 minutes or so). It might take over ARAM or something to play during downtime. Quick match length usually lasts 10 minutes for casual and 15 minutes for ranked.


Pokemon Unite Preview:

Everything you need to know about the Pokemon Unite gameplay review, mechanics, battle system, heroes, abilities, skills, moves, and much more.

Gameplay Mechanics

Pokemon Unite is based on a format similar to League of Legends and Mobile Legends, though the heroes, in this case, are Pokémon.

It functions similarly to MOBA games, with free characters on rotation and the opportunity to purchase them to play permanently.

Instead of alternate forms or skins, you get shiny variants resembling, much like shadow Pokémon.

Seasons, competitive leagues, and regular online competitions round up the normal MOBA mechanics.


Mobile MOBA without tap controls makes it harder to manage character movement. This downgrades the whole experience, no matter how great the graphics or IP may be.

Joystick control will forever remain inferior to the immersion and accuracy that the multitouch tap control provides on smartphones and tablets.

The greatest benefit of tap controls?

Multi-Tasking. It lets you do more than one thing on the screen at once. You can tap a location once, and the hero moves to that location. Meanwhile, you can scan the map, check the build screen, communicate with my team while sending send pings, etc., all at the same time.

That said, not everything is fond of tapping controls on touchscreens. You can’t do that if your thumb is constantly having to push your avatar around the map. There is a way to play Pokemon UNITE! on PC for those of you.

Pokemon Unite Trailer:

Pokemon Unite Heroes:

These Pokemon characters and their attributes are part of the overall gameplay:

  • Shedinja is a glass cannon. Moves a lot faster than normal Pokémon but with a very low HP. Used as a scout and also an early ambusher. Ignoring closer capture points in favor of some nearer to the enemy base. Wonder guard could be a shield that prevents damage or slowdown up to a certain threshold, but after it breaks, you’d be very quickly dispatched.
  • Wobuffet is a good support class, being able to remove debuffs and slowdowns from friendly Pokémon within its range. Immune to slowdowns and debuffs itself, instead of reflecting them onto the attacker, but in return, it would be very flimsy to physical damage.
  • Electrode is a sort of Kamikaze Pokémon to provide comedic value. It is swift and mobile and has self-destructed properties for massive AoE damage, obviously making itself faint. Suitable for capturing points and helping in emergencies when an ally is overwhelmed by multiple enemy Pokémon.
  • Tangrowth is a good tank. Being very slow but having some healing ability when it isn’t moving and utilizing vines for AoE slowdowns. EDIT: mega evolution could be a last resort type of deal, where for a while you are way more powerful, but when it expires, you faint and return to base.
  • Diglett / Dugtrio speedy scouts with a burrowing stealth ability where they temporarily tunnel underground and lose line of sight.
  • Sudowoodo is an excellent tank where the longer it remains standing still, the more health or shield gains, up to a certain point. It could be a fantastic point defense with support from allies since it would take some time without being attacked to reach its full potential.
  • Blissey, a big healer with high health but very low shields, would require a lot of protection but could be significant. Could leave eggs for ally Pokémon to pick up and heal.
  • Exploud a supporting character using sound waves to push back attackers, but dealing minor damage in and of itself. More utility rather than an attacker but very useful to help push forwards.

Lucario and Talonflame probably hit hard and help make your team strong right out of the gate while Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and crew start weaker but become more powerful by the end.

Other Pokemon MOBA game characters teased in the announcement include Pikachu, Clefable, Gengar, Snorlax, Lucario, Squirtle, Charmander, Charizard, Venusaur, Gengar, Blastoise, Talonflame and Machamp, and more.


It’s a visual example illustrating how that type of power curve works in similar MOBA games where you sometimes choose your hero based on which point in the game they hit their power spike.

Pikachu receives the Yellow/Let’s Go treatment here, and he gets to be more potent than Raichu without evolving.

Machop would be weak to start with, but as it evolves throughout the game into Machamp, it becomes more powerful, overtaking Talonflame and Lucario.

Upgrade and switching of Pokemon characters are possible during the gameplay.


A selected Pokemon can perform specified roles depending on the situation and its abilities: Tank, Support, Mage, Marksman, Warrior, and Assassin.

The concept of picking different abilities during the match based on playstyle allows certain Pokemon to take up different roles, i.e., Charizard seems to have a flame thrower and fire blast.

You’ll be able to adapt your style to what the team needs mid-game.


Skill 1:

A. Rapid spin – Forretress spins, knocking back enemies around him. It also removes cc effects upon skill activation.

B. Protect – grants shield that scales with pdef and spdef average.

Skill 2:

A. Toxic spikes – lays a trap of poison spikes on an area. Enemies will be slowed and poisoned once they step on the spikes. It can have up to 3 charges.

B. Spikes – lays a trap of spikes on an area. Deals damage that scales with the enemy HP%. Can have up to 5 charges.

Skill 3:

A. Mirror shot- lets loose a flash of energy around Forretress. Enemies that are hit will have their basic attack accuracy reduced.

B. Zap cannon – fires an electric blast in a straight line. Enemy pokemon that are hit will be paralyzed/stunned.

Skill 4:

Unite move – Gyro ball – Foretress spins and accelerates forward. Damages and knockbacks were the first pokemon hit. If the knockback pokemon hits another enemy pokemon when knockback, both of them will be stunned/slowed.


Moves & Abilities

So, to start us off:

Ability – Swarm: Beedrill deals 50% additional damage to pokemon with less health than it. Additionally, Beedrill only gains X health upon leveling up but evolves from Weedle to Kakuna at level 3 and from Kakuna to Beedrill at level 5. When Beedrill evolves, its maximum HP doubles.

Move 1 – Poison Sting: Fire a stinger in a line, dealing slight damage to the first target hit and additional damage over the next 8 seconds.

1A – Venoshock: Cause an area to erupt with venom, dealing moderate damage to all enemy Pokemon in the area and additional damage over the next 6 seconds.

1B – Poison Jab: Lunge in the target direction, dealing moderate damage to the first target hit and additional damage over the next 4 seconds. Beedrill deals 20% extra damage to pokemon affected by Poison Jab

Move 2 – Harden: Beedrill becomes Protected for 1.5 seconds, immune to all damage.

2A – Agility: Beedrill dashes in the target direction, gaining 25% movement speed and damage reduction for 2 seconds.

2B – Powder: In addition to becoming Protected, Beedrill also deals minor damage to the nearest enemy Pokemon whenever he would suffer damage while under the effect of Powder.

Move 3 – Fury Attack: Dash toward the target Pokemon, dealing light damage if it is an enemy. Can store up to 3 charges.

3A – Twineedle: Delivers 6 Basic Attacks at 50% reduced damage to the target instead of a single minor hit. Stores 3 charges.

3B – Pin Missile: Launches a stinger in the target direction, dealing moderate damage to the first enemy hit and slowing their movement speed by 15% for 2 seconds. Stores 3 charges.

50% extra damage to overpower for a constant passive state, but the character’s HP must be higher than the target, and it has the required base numbers.



Each Pokemon has a passive ability, three moves, and their Unite moves.

Additionally, as they level, they get to upgrade each of their three basic moves in one of two ways.

Each Pokemon has a passive ability, three moves, and the Unite move. Furthermore, as they level up, they get to upgrade each of their three basic moves in one of two ways.

Each pokemon has about ten moves to choose from the allotted system. As shown in the trailer, Charizard performs these moves: slash, flame burst, fire spin, flamethrower, air slash, dragon claw, flare blitz.

There are three fire types in the game fire blast, but their ultimate abilities and other moves will be different.

On that note, Charizard can have flying or dragon moves. Blaziken has fighting moves and Camerupt with the ground or rock moves.

Unity Move – Fell Stinger: after a brief delay, launch yourself in the target direction, dealing heavy damage to the first Pokemon hit. If this move KOs a Pokemon or if a Pokemon affected by this move is KO’d less than 1.5 seconds after taking damage from this move, this move’s cooldown is reset.

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Pokemon Unite Evolution System:

Mega evolution is being used for the ultimate abilities of pokemon with mega forms—like some unique moves that are a temporary bluff and form/ability change.

The evolution system is implemented to ensure pokemon without Mega powers could still be equally viable, or it would be unbalanced.

Pokemon evolve at levels 4 and 9 (15 is the max level). When you look at three evolutions in the game, you see one roughly between 14 and 20 and then one in the 30s, whereas many single evolutions are in the mid to late 20s or much higher.

I think evolving at seven would create that unique feel.

Evolution Pokemon:

  • Ponyta-Rapidash
  • Vulpix-Ninetales
  • Treecko-Sceptile
  • Torchic-Blaziken
  • Ralts-Gardevoir
  • Chimchar-Infernape
  • Tyrunt-Tyrantum
  • Grookey-Rilaboom
  • Cobble-Inteleon

I would venture to guess that the following Pokemon are popular enough to make it in future updates. Some are more likely than others.

Solo Pokemon:

  • Butterfree
  • Onix/Steelix
  • Hitmonlee
  • Hitmonchan
  • Lickitung
  • Chansey
  • Mr. Mime
  • Wobbuffet
  • Skarmory
  • Tyranitar
  • Plusle/Minun(together in-game)
  • Metagross
  • Zoroark
  • Haxorus
  • Hydreigon
  • Decidueye
  • Incineroar
  • Phermosa
  • Marshadow
  • Corviknight
  • Mimikyu

Moreover, it looks like particular Pokemon ignore the evolution system. Pikachu doesn’t evolve because he’s the mascot, and Snorlax and Lucario do not. Maybe this is because they don’t want Pokemon only to have two evolution stages.

In any case, I’m expecting more non-evolution Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite On Facebook:

Pokemon Unite’s official social media fan page is live now! You can get recent news there to stay informed about your favorite title.

Discover More:

Pokemon Unite Monetization System:

Considering Pokemon Unite is developed by the same gaming studio house that created Arena of Valor, the monetization system isn’t too dissimilar either.

Pokemon Unite Monetization:

  • All or a certain number of Pokemon heroes are only unlockable through a Battle Pass System, albeit for free at a certain level. If you do not see passes once the season has concluded, check Battle Pass purchase prices in the respective game menu.

  • All other Pokemon are available for purchase through in-game currency, tokens (an ‘x’ amount of tokens unlocks a character, the same principle applies for skin tokens), and paid currency for those not wanting to wait.

  • 3 main types of currency: Gold, Gems, and Vouchers. Gold can be used for unlocking new Pokemon. Gems can also be used to open a couple of Heroes and other helpful items, while vouchers can purchase everything available that isn’t a limited-time-only item. Gold and Gems can be acquired in-game, while vouchers can only be bought.

  • Nice high-quality skins featuring model changes, occasional new abilities, sound fx, and even new voice actors. (Ex: a character with mecha skin will have mecha sounding voice-over). Most are only obtainable through purchases or tokens and require a hero to be owned first to buy.

  • Roulette/ Loot Box system featuring rewards such as Gold, Gems, Heroes, Skins, and Heroes/Skin Tokens. Continued spins on the Roulette will eventually unlock a guaranteed reward. Get spins or unboxes by having the required items. (I.e., 1 Crystal gets you one spin, 5 gets you 5 spins, 1 scroll gets you one item from a loot box, etc.)

  • EXP and Gold Boosters are also purchasable in the shop.

  • “Speakers” for gem/voucher purchases allow people in global chat to see your messages.

Everything that impacts gameplay (heroes, items that improve base stats (arcana), hero abilities (enchantments), etc.) can be had without spending anything. Even the battle pass system has two tiers, a paid one and a free one. The only extras in the paid tier are cosmetic items like skins.


I will say, however, that if you want all the heroes, you need to play the game a lot! If you log in daily and play 3/4 the games every day, you can get a new hero every two or three weeks.

But if you’re willing to invest time playing the game, these benefits await you:

  1. Buying characters and skins for currency.
  2. Battle passes to unlock heroes and mons.
  3. Loot boxes for unlocking skins, characters, extra chances, cosmetics, etc.

Pokemon Unite MOBA APK Release:

After months of beta testing, many fans started wondering when will pokemon unite come out? The full and final version is out on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

It’s here. Just as the official Pokemon United release date announcement claimed, the Pokemon GO predecessor has been available to players worldwide through all supported platforms since 22 September 2021.

Is Pokemon UNITE Free?

Sort of. Pokemon Unite is a free-to-download crossplay multiplatform game. However, in-game purchases require real or virtual currency.

Download MOBA Pokemon Game APK:

You can either download Pokemon MOBA APK from the official sources via the Play Store on Android or the App Store on iOS devices. Nintendo Switch players can directly download the game via their console.

To manually install the Pokemon UNITE Android version anywhere, download Pokemon Unite APK here.

Wrap Up:

So this is all the latest info about the Pokemon Unite MOBA. Please note that the features mentioned above may differ to a varying degree from their current status as developers keep refreshing the game with new content in each successive release.