How-To Catch Pokemon In Pokemon Unite Game 2020 [Tips And Tricks]

Here is everything you should know about catching Pokemon in the Pokemon Unite MOBA 2020 game. The best strategy to catch Pokemon increases your chances of winning epic team battles in online arenas of this cross-platform title from Nintendo’s The Pokemon Company and the TiMi Studios under the banner of Tencent Games.

Like Legends of Runeterra, players participate in online 5v5 team battles in the Pokemon Unite. But in these battles, the team that manages to capture the best Pokemon from their rivals stands a great chance to earn quick points within the specified time period.

In this post, you’ll learn how to get Pokemon in the Unite mobile MOBA with similar gameplay mechanics you might have seen in the League of Legends.

But first, let’s give you a brief overview of the best strategies in Pokemon Unite 2020 on mobile and PC Windows versions.

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Pokemon Unite MOBA Playing System:

In the MOBA with cross-platform play between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices running on iOS and Android, you participate in free limited events.

Cards are fairly cheap and the progression system lets you aim for specific factions pretty well.

The main aim is to make unlimited money via in-app purchases of cosmetics, decks, packs, and outfits like in LOL Mobile, albeit a bit more generous reward system in the Pokemon Unite.

There is still some unlocking of resources and items to be done, but between getting wildcards you choose what card to unlock.

In rare pickings, you earn extra cards and a weekly mega-loot chest that grows the more you play. These are all the ways you increase your collection of cards in no time.

Now, back to our main topic of tips and tricks to catch Pokemon in the Pokemon Unite MOBA game.

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Catching Pokemon In Pokemon Unite (Tips & Tricks):

Here are some of the ways you can employ to find your way to completing the best Pokemon collection in the Pokemon Unite 2020.

The Wild Pokemon are sometimes shown as a friendly Pokemon.

Is it possible you could use a Pokemon you’ve caught at the expense of 1 of your points or even a couple for a stronger Pokemon?

Well, there will only be one or two that will follow you and assist you. It follows and heals you until you step on an enemy pad. Altaria and Shuffle both appear in a friendly state.

pokemon unite evolve

Walk down a lane and act as a healing aura for the team that bet it. This would likely result in your team scoring six points when it reaches the scoring zone. However, it could also mean that there is a possibility that the defending team could beat you during the allotted time as well. That said, you’ll have to find out for yourself whether that would cause the team to catch it or for the Rotom to change teams and head the other direction.

As far as Altaria is concerned, it seems to spawn in the bottom and top middle of the map. The UI shows your most recently caught Pokemon next to the Pokeball in the bottom middle of the screen. You can choose to use the catch to aid you in battle, which might come at the cost of some score points depending upon your game stats.

The gift boxes that you see on the map contain Pokemon inside to help you. In one of those boxes, there is a Dreadnaw that pushes down one of the lanes on the battle arena with a varying degree of impact on the potential outcome.

Types of Pokemon Champions

You get three choices of picking one of 3 champions each, similar to picking a starter in Pokemon.

You get:

  • A Mage – (Morgana, Brand, or Ziggs)
  • A Fighter – (Riven, Illaoi, Garen)
  • An Assassin – (Talon, Ekko, Fizz)

There are other 5 champs for trying in different game modes.

In total, the number may not be much, only 8 out of 148 Pokemon types, but honestly, it’s pretty solid and means if you want to try any of those you can just make a new account and unlock them easily.

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Pokemon Categories

The Pokemon will be split into two categories:

The first category of Pokemon will evolve during gameplay.

Pokemon in the second category starts out just the way they are, like Snorlax and Lucario.


So this all is you should know about increasing your Pokemon collection in the Pokemon Unite MOBA 2020 game on iOS and Android. I haven’t included all the types and categories because it can change with each new game update in the future. So stay tuned for more possible additions to the above Pokemon Unite tips and tricks.

Do you know of any other strategy to bump up Pokemon collection? Share with us in the comments section below.

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