TWRP For Galaxy S22 Phones Is Available Now! Here’s More

Samsung Galaxy S22 series now supports TWRP! Immediately following the global launch of the Galaxy S22 smartphones, Samsung also pushed the kernel sources related to the devices. To wit, kernel sources are critical in facilitating third-party development activities on the Android platform. And now, an XDA member killprocess has managed to leverage kernel sources to release an unofficial port of the Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) for all three latest flagship devices. For those unfamiliar with the tool, TWRP provides a base for developers to create custom ROMs along with other firmware modification, customization, and personalization tweaks.

galaxy s22 twrp

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Gets TWRP Recovery

A custom recovery tool, such as TWRP, furnishes a foundation upon which independent creators can build specialized features for users to customize Android firmware.

The primary purpose of recovery is to revitalize your device back to life if anything goes wrong during the custom flashing process. Without a recovery, installing a custom ROM is not possible. This is because the stock recovery preinstalled on Galaxy S22 devices restricts the loading of unofficial operating systems and other software for security reasons.

For the most part, if you use a reliable recovery from a recognized source, there is nothing to worry about when installing third-party custom ROMs.

That said, the TWRP builds currently work only on the Exynos version of the Galaxy S22 series (SM-S90XB). However, the developer promises to roll out a version compatible with the Snapdragon version of the device soon.

But users in the US and Canada will have to wait a bit more because the complexity involved in unlocking the bootloader on the Snapdragon variant available in North America makes the task of building a fully working TWRP slightly more challenging as opposed to the internal Exynos SoC and Snapdragon variants operational in other regions.

Bear in mind that if you proceed with unlocking the bootloader on your Galaxy S22 and installing TWRP recovery, this will trip the KNOX security, thus revoking your device warranty. Once that happens, you will no longer receive the OTA updates. Moreover, you cannot restore KNOX, meaning the manufacturer will block access to Samsung Pay alongside other features that require KNOX to operate.

If you’re willing to accept risks associated with installing unofficial TWRP recovery, head over to this thread and follow the instructions.