How To Create Longer Than 15 Seconds Instagram Stories Videos On iPhone

Instagram stories is designed to help users tell what’s happening in their lives. Videos created using this feature can be easily shared with followers on the world’s biggest photo and video sharing platform. Using Instagram Stories, you can create 15-second clips by mixing text and GIF. Edit your videos using built-in tools and use your creativity in order to stand out from the rest. But some users are not satisfied with 15-second limit. This restriction can be an obstacle when you want to share a clip which is 30 seconds long. So what to do in such a situation? The solution is quite simple actually. Simply divide the video into two 15-seconds sections and share them together as a single shot on Instagram Stories.

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One way of doing that is by using a video editing tool but that might be a too complex and lengthy process for some. Fortunately there is a much easier way to split videos into 15 second chunks to share as your Instagram Story.

How to Create and Post Instagram Stories by Splitting Videos into 15 Second Bits

Apple’s app store has plenty of applications that come with the same functionality. But many are limited in one respect or the other. Some are time limited allowing 30-second videos only or by putting restriction on sharing options in which you can only share first part of the clip for free. Some apps add a watermark to exported videos unless you upgrade to the premium app.

But there is one app which is free from all such nuisance. It has none of the above mentioned limitations. You can pay to remove the ads from the app but that about it. Rest is straight forward as explained in the steps below.

First of all visit Apple’s app store and download Split Videos for Instagram app. Once installed, open the app and allow it access to your photos or default gallery.

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Now, tap on the middle part of the interface to start the video capturing and tap on Select Video. In the picker, select the video your want to share as Instagram Stories. You can edit the video to cut down its length from the top if you want and then tap on Choose button.

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Once done, tap on Split Video button and let the app do its thing. At the end of the process, you’ll get a popup saying the video has been split in parts and in available in the Photos app.

Finally, open Instagram app, head over to the Stories section and swipe up. Here you will see split videos.

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Download link for Split Videos for Instagram. While you are here, Instagram has launched its new IGTV app. Here are the links to download IGTV on your smartphone and on PC Windows or Mac.

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