How To Get Ad-Free Experience On Your Instagram Feed

Today, i am going to share a simple method that will allow you to completely remove ads from your Instagram feed to get the seamless scrolling experience. Ads on the Instagram feed are acceptable if they appear once in a while but when they plague your timeline at a higher rate than normal, this is where it starts to get annoying. Informative ads are not that big of an issue, however, when completely random items and promotions begin to pop up in your Instagram feed or IGTV app, it sucks all the fun out of using the world biggest photo sharing platform. Ads divert your attention away from the beautiful images that you come across on your feed. So how to get rid of this disruption? Well, you are about to find out in this post, so keep reading.

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block instagram feed ads

Ads can ruin your mood. It gets irritating when you get bombarded with ads that you don’t want to see. A few ads here and there are fine but regular ads wreck the entire experience on your timeline.

Ads are a major source of income for Instagram, which is understandable why they infuse them into users’ feeds. But the excess of anything is bad. User experience is more important than making extra money so here are the steps to Completely Remove Ads From Instagram Feed.

block instagram feed ads

Ads are easy to identify, all you have to do is to see below the post it is written: “sponsored”. Every ad that is paid by product manufacturer or server is supposed to have the tag of sponsored ads.

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Remove Ads From Instagram Feed

  • First of all, identify the sponsored ads correctly, it is always written in the sponsored ad that is “sponsored”. Spot the three dots icon; it will appear in the top right corner.
  • Tap on “…”.
  • A new screen will pop up showing “Hide This” option.
  • Tap on “Hide This”.
  • It will then ask you “Why don’t you want to see this ad?”
  • Here, select “It’s inappropriate”.
  • Selecting the other 2 options will just hide it. For removing ads permanently select the inappropriate option.
  • Simply repeat the above process for every ad you don’t want to see on your Instagram timeline. Follow the method for each ads that you come across for about a week.
  • Slowly but surely this method will lead to the complete removal of ads from your Instagram feed.

This process may seem more like a workaround than an effective solution. But keep following it for a week or so and you will definitely notice the results.

The above process will also work for Instagram stories. Even if it doesn’t completely remove the ads, it will surely reduce the number of advertisements on your feed.

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