How To Share Panorama Pictures On Instagram

Here is how you can post panorama photos on Instagram to share wide view images in one post. Share more in less now with the ability to share wide panorama pictures on the popular photo-sharing platform. Here is how to get this feature to work on your Instagram app.

Instagram is the first of choice of over a billion users across the world when it comes to showcasing their life and likes in the form photos. It is the undisputed king of photo sharing apps. To give users all the various choices to better curate their timeline, Instagram offers features such as Instagram stories, insta videosIGTV (Instagram TV for live streaming to followers), and much more. It’s a simple platform that facilitates people communicate through captured moments and pictures. Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, regularly introduces new services to maintain Instagram’s status as the best photo sharing app. Although the company is facing criticism over its dubious practice of nicking top features from its competitors, such as Snapchat and others, that hasn’t slowed down the ruthless drive to keep others from threatening its dominance.

share panorama photo on instagram

One of the big features Instagram launched recently involves sharing ten photos or videos simultaneously in a single post. This is to help users create an album of sorts if they want to share memories through pictures or videos from a particular trip, event, gathering, and product or service related advertisement. The folder stacks all photos in a nice layout similar to that of the main gallery on your Android smartphone. The allows users to be creative with its use by posting pictures in a wide view or panoramic layout on Instagram.

Want to know how is it possible to share panorama photos on Instagram? It is simple. All you need is a third-party app called InstaWide. The app enables choosing multiple photos before merging them in a single shot to share on your Instagram feed. AI of the app combines small bits of each photo selected for the wide view and assembles them into a panorama. When the processing is complete, the final panorama picture without white lines will be saved as your Instagram album. This way you can view images as one panorama rather than pieces glued together through editing.

Hers is the official app description:

Recently, Instagram rolled out new feature. By using this new feature, you can post up to 10 photos (or videos) in a post. Just like an album.
InstaWide helps you to divide and crop your wide or panorama photos. Then you can post them to Instagram as an album instead of posting them with white spaces around.

How To Post Full Panorama In One Photo On Instagram

Here are the steps to download and install InstaWide on your Android phone:

  • Download InstaWide from this link and install it on your device as any other APK file.
  • Open the app and select photos you want to be included in the panorama.
  • To select pictures, tap on the Next button in the top-right corner.
  • Edit to choose desired angles for the final image, number of grids, and hit Crop for the changes to take effect.
  • Open the Instagram app and tap the + button to share pictures.
  • In options, tap “Select Multiple” and the edited pictures in a sequence.
  • After selecting the picture, tap next and hit the share on Instagram button.
  • Now simple swipe through the picture, which will drag along as a single photo without any white corners.
  • instawide app for androdi
  • That’s it.

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