Download “Your Phone” App For Windows 10 – [Mirror Mobile Features And Transfer Files To PC]

Microsoft has released a new application named “Your Phone” for Windows 10, which allows users to mirror their smartphone’s features to PC desktop or laptop. It also facilitates the transfer of files from mobile to PC. The new Your Phone Windows 10 app helps moving content between a computer and smartphone wirelessly. So you do not have to physically pick up your mobile while you’re working on a desktop PC or laptop running Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit).

your phone app for windows 10 download link

This new UWP app works on all PC Windows 10 devices. Link your phone and PC using Your Phone app for free. According to Microsoft, this app makes it possible to “link your phone and PC to send webpages from your phone instantly to your PC and continue what you’re doing-read, watch or browse with all the benefits of a bigger screen.”

The official company statement points out that the new app allows for a “seamless transition of content”, such as photos, messages and notifications between a smartphone and computer. The way it works is when you take a photo on your mobile phone, it will be sent automatically to your Windows 10 computer’s designated folder without having to perform manual file transfer.

Microsoft’s Your Phone UWP App Helps Mirror Your Smartphone On A PC Windows 10 To Share Files and Access Phone Features On A Desktop And Laptop

Microsoft is working to streamline user experience by making it easy for your smartphone and computer to communicate with each other. To accomplish this, a new app called “Your Phone” for Windows 10 is released recently by the software giant. The app is designed to mirror your phone’s features straight to your PC desktop or laptop running the latest operating system from Microsoft. You can access your mobile texts, photos, notifications on a Windows 10 PC without using any third-party apps or via USB data cable.

This shows that Microsoft is committed to bridge the gap between Android and iOS devices and computers running its Windows 10 OS. According to the Verge, the ability to access texts, certain smartphone features and notifications will vary depending on Android and iOS devices.

The number of mobile features that can be accessed from desktop PC will perhaps increase in future updates. The concept seems borrowed from Dell’s attempts to link mobile calls and notifications on a PC Windows.

The official app announcement was made at Microsoft’s annual Build Developer conference. The initial testing of the Your Phone app starts with Windows Insider program this week. The user feedback and suggestion will be used to improve the app’s functions before incorporating it in the upcoming major Windows 10 update codenamed “Redstone 5” later this year.

Your Phone app doesn’t not mirror the features of the now defunct Phone Companion app. According to the company, this is a whole new iteration with its own features that will be available to the Insiders in the Preview Rings program for testing. You can download it straight from the Microsoft Store right away, link is given below.

Your Phone App for Windows 10 | Download Link