Genshin Impact Leaks Show New Characters And New Sumeru Region Size! Learn More Here

A flurry of Genshin Impact leaks reveals several new characters arriving in the upcoming updates, along with a new Sumeru Region map size. Unfortunately, the developer has slowed the pace of introducing new content in recent updates of the popular role-playing game. That said, the game’s version 3.0 update is approaching, and early signs indicate that it’s coming with a plethora of interesting new stuff.

In the absence of official confirmation, unofficial sources reveal the expected ver. 3.0 will bring the brand new Sumeru region featuring a combination of desert and forest areas that resemble the Middle East and South Asia.

If you’re among those who anticipate significant additions that Sumeru will offer, count yourself among those who are on to something concrete, including the Genshin Leaker GenshinBLANK, who recently disclosed the version 3.0 map adorned with green placeholder boxes over the new areas.

genshin impact 3.0

As you can see in the map shared in the Tweet below, the area in the top-right corner could be the ocean, whereas the bottom-left part seems like Sumeru, which equals Genshin Impact’s Liyue and Mondstadt regions combined in terms of size.

Moreover, multiple new Genshin Impact characters are about to debut on mobile and other platforms. Perhaps most of the new entrants are associated with Sumeru. More likely, many of these characters possess the Dendro element, which will make its way beside Sumeru. The Genshin Mains account on Twitter is posting leaked artwork of these new characters, including:

Collei, a Dendro bow-user and “forest ranger in training.”

Tighnari is a Dendro user with pretty funky ears and tail situation going on.

And Dori, an Electro claymore-user and “traveling merchant.”

Other rumors suggest additional characters including Kusanali, who is allegedly the Sumeru/Dendro region Archon (the region’s god with the most powerful 5-star characteristics). This is approximately what her appearance looks like. Also joining the new characters are the female Hydro character Nilou and the Electro Polearm named Cyno with an Egyptian-theme outlook.

Genshin Impact is already out on PS5, PS4, PC, Android, and iOS devices. The game’s next big update version 2.8 will launch on 13 July. Taking cues from the usual six weeks gap between successive updates, expect version 3.0 in the middle of October.