10 PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks You Don’t Know About

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS took the gaming world by storm on its way to becoming one of the biggest hits across all compatible platforms. On the back of massive success on the PC and Xbox platforms where it boasts millions of active players, the Battle Royale juggernaut is now available on mobile as PUBG Mobile, thankfully. So to help you get the most out of the mobile version of PUBG, we have assembled this list of tips and tricks.

Though we had our doubts about whether Tencent would be able to cram the gargantuan map and various physics-based elements of gameplay onto a handheld device, this mobile version is pound-for-pound exactly what they promised.

If you have just started playing or are relatively new to the game, most of your initial time will likely be spent grasping the control mechanics, getting the sense of movements, understanding survival tactics, and searching for places to gain an early advantage.

PUBG brilliantly guides you through the paces so you can get some practice in. But know that there is a lot to wrap your mind around in pursuit of that elusive chicken dinner.

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PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks [2023]:

So fasten your seatbelts because here are the PUBG Mobile: 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn’t Tell You or you probably don’t know about.

The “Bush Method”

Even though PUBG’s been on PC and Xbox for months, it was assumed that with the general drop in visual quality hiding behind a bush wouldn’t be possible in the mobile version.

The game has three texture modes, but even on the lowest, there are plenty of opportunities to disappear entirely inside some hefty wads of foliage

When in the right zone, just bide your time waiting for an opponent to show up and strike at just the right moment to score a quick kill.

De-Select Your Weapon To Sprint

As you get used to the gameplay, you will find out that real-world physics rules also apply to PUBG, with an exception of swinging frying pans for deflecting bullets, but we will get to that later.

One great way to be able to sprint faster is by not carrying equipment and weapons in hand.

It’s useful for speedy runs between covers or when you want to keep the approaching death cloud at a distance.

Just tap on the selected weapon and you will put any carried item in the backpack immediately.

Of course, you’ll be more vulnerable now but it will make traversing across the map faster.

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Take Your Shoes Off To Move Without Making A Noise

As a testament to the game’s seriously immersive sound design, anything you have put on as footwear will produce corresponding sound effects.

Head over to the customization menu to select boots when the initial barefoot period ends. However, staying barefoot has its use, mainly: stealth.

Keep your shoes off to minimize the chances of detection and though it can be a little unrealistic running through swamplands and fields barefoot when indoors, this muffles the noise.

It’s useful when you try to get the drop on other players inside underground bunkers on the eastern side or in places where having the best angle can decide the outcome.

Taking your shoes off in the pre-match lobby is a wise move or use the customization window for an alternative approach.

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Use The Eye Icon To Look Around Without Moving Or Revealing Your Position

PUBG Mobile has one of the most impressive control schemes in mobile gaming history!

There is everything from toggling fire modes to flicking through downed opponent’s inventory, and best of all, the free lookup option.

Simply hold your finger on the ‘eye icon’ on the top right and then drag to move the camera around without your character moving an inch.

This is perfect for surveying your surrounding when hiding, lying, prowling, or sprinting.

I also recommend doing this when parachuting in to get an idea of where the players are going to be landing around you.

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Use Vehicles To Cover Huge Distances Fast… And As Missiles

A basic element of gameplay, unlike Fortnite, you can drive vehicles wherever you want in PUBG.

Vans and four-wheelers are best for ramming other players as is the buggy. But there are also bikes that can get you to safety whilst cutting down the space you take up in an opponent’s view.

Beware, hopping out of a vehicle in motion will do damage, and leaping out at a high speed will kill you.

That said if a vehicle crashes when going fast enough it will explode into a giant mechanical ball of flames, which is perfect for making an opening when a group of players is hunkered down behind some cover.

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Change Seats In A Car To Avoid Fire & Heal

When approaching any car, you get the option to drive immediately or just sit as a passenger.

And though you might think that hiding in the passenger seat is a pointless thing to do while playing solo, tapping the bottom-right grid icon actually mean that you can move around in a car letting you evade fire and returning some of your own.

Also, know that you can heal while in a passenger seat and there is nothing more inviting than a seemingly empty car. Just hide in the back, preferably in the shadow, and get the drop on whoever comes in your way next.

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Wear Darker Clothing To Stay Hidden

Speaking of shadows, from giddy suits to ragged t-shirts, in-game camouflage assumes paramount importance when it is paired with real-world mentalities.

In the absence of opponent outlines or markers, hiding in dense grass just works. As do shadows, that blend seamlessly into the same colored section of the frame.

Once you manage to unlock dark-colored clothing, use it to stealthily move under the cover of shadows anywhere on the map. It’s the nearest thing to playing classic PUBG and evading some pursuers only to surprise them, later on, can be a lifesaver, not to mention it can be funny as hell.

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You Can Do A High Damage Flying Punch

It comes as a little surprise, the basic punch can whittle down health pretty quickly but remember, don’t try to use a fist in a firefight.

With that said, the game’s version of power punch; consisting of a sprint, jump, and hit motion in mid-air delivers a bigger blow and eliminates already wounded on the spot.

There is something satisfying in winning your chicken dinner with a flying punch.

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Backpacks And Damage Reduction

You can just as easily nab a firearm and get to it but spend more time exploring and you will likely come across more clothing items and a backpack or two. Equip to expand your inventory.

Backpack level 1 starts at 350 units of space with level 2 increasing that to 400 units, and level 3 following with 450 units. The latter is more than enough to hold a few player’s worth of gear, so always make a point of being prepared for what’s to come.

Items of clothing also contribute to damage reduction. And while the full breakdown of each item can be found online, know that the game’s array of armored vests gives between 30% – 50% damage reduction immediately, depending on being level 1 to 3.

The Bulletproof Utility Of The Frying Pan

The result of Tencent accidentally giving the frying pan the same physical qualities as a wall, for example, not being broken by gunfire, PUBG’s kitchen wear is bulletproof. As such, wielding a frying pan and swinging it at just the right time, you can literally swipe bullets out of the way as they come in.

If you de-equip the pan, it will sit in your backpack, thus deflecting all the fire coming your way from behind without you having to do anything.

One or two hilarious kills have been performed with the humble PUBG frying pan. Mobile owners are in a world of fun-filled adventures from here on in.

Final Words:

And that’s our list. Let us know in the comments section below if there are other awesome tips and tricks to easily win matches in the mobile version of PUBG Mobile. And stay tuned for your regular supply of useful tips, tricks, and guides.