How To Get Netflix For Free With Network Deals On Verizon And T-Mobile

Here is how you can watch Netflix free using the network carrier deals currently available on Version and T-Mobile in 2020. Although there are some fully working legal ways to watch Netflix for free some of those options have a limited-time-only availability. However, if you want to watch free Netflix after the free trial period ends, see the two alternative methods to keep watching all the latest content from the popular online streaming and video-on-demand (VoD) service.

Netflix is the world’s most popular movie and TV show streaming service. The streaming provider utilizes specialized algorithm technology to deliver high-standard studio audio and HD streaming video quality resolution all the way up to 4K without buffering that few of its competitors can match.

These factors showcase the advantage Netflix maintains over its rivals such as Samsung TVAmazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, HBO GO, Apple TV+, and others.

But as the idiom goes, quality comes at a cost. Netflix is currently one of the most expensive online video streaming services.

Not many can afford to subscribe to its monthly plans except if you are a US resident and manage to utilize the deals from the network carriers using the steps below.

netflix free network carrier deals

Netflix Plans And Free Deals:

Netflix’s popularity comes with increasing pressure on the streaming service to strive for constantly improving the quality of content and user experience. Such business practicalities warrant price hikes on a regular basis while keeping cost factors in check.

Netflix charges a sizeable monthly fee to provide swift online streaming experience through mobile apps and web browsers.

The most recent subscription options include:

  • Basic Plan | $8.99 per month
  • Standard Plan | $12.99 per month
  • Premium Plan | $15.99 per month

All three plans offer the same content. Difference arrives in the resolution quality as well as the number of users that are allowed to watch Netflix content on a single account at the same time.

But what if I told you that there is an alternative to watch Netflix free legally even after the trial period.

This brings us to the main topic of the post: How to get free Netflix deals from network carriers?

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Watch Netflix With Free Membership Deals From Network Carriers:

You can gauge the popularity of Netflix from the fact that it is operating in 200 countries all over the world. In some countries, certain marketing schemes provide access to TV Shows and Movies on the streaming service either at a discount or completely free of charge. In some cases, such deals come as part of the premium cellular package or cable service bundle. If you’re already tied to a network carrier giving a free Netflix membership without you knowing about it, then you’re missing out on extracting the full value for your money.

Verizon and T-Mobile are two major US cellular networks and data carriers currently presenting their customers with an option of a complimentary membership of Netflix.

Here is how to avail the deal:

Free Netflix Membership On T-Mobile

netflix t-mobile deal

1 – Sign up for the T-Mobile One plan. Skip if you’re already a member.

2 – Make sure the plan you choose is postpaid (this package is not applicable to prepaid plans and has no credit check).

3 – Now to get Netflix for free, you must add another number on top of your primary plan.

4 – Once done, you can then access the feature by selecting Netflix On Us during the application process and wait for the T-Mobile confirmation to start using your free Netflix membership.

5 – That’s it.

Free Netflix Membership On Verizon

netflix verizon

If you’re a Verizon customer or looking for a package with a free membership for Netflix, follow these steps:

1 – This deal requires you to sign up for the FIOS TV package if you haven’t already.

2 – Make sure to select the triple play package including television, internet, and phone services bundled in a single deal.

3 – Once done, you need to have your account active for 31 days in order to qualify for the offer.

4 – After meeting all the conditions, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Verizon with instructions to redeem your Netflix membership for free.

5 – Simply enter the login details to create your Netflix account and start streaming the latest movies and TV shows.

6 – That’s all.

Wrapping Up:

Verizon and T-Mobile users don’t need to pay any extra fees or charges to keep using Netflix once they apply for the above subscription plans with their network carriers. Stay tuned for more.

Do you know any other way to watch Netflix for free? We would like to hear your suggestions in the comments section.