Download Unc0ver Version 3.0.0 Jailbreak For iOS 11.4.1

The iOS Jailbreak community is abuzz these days and the latest entry in the iOS 11.4.1 jailbreak exploits is here. Download Unc0ver 3.0.0 Jailbreak from the link below and install it on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.4.1 firmware. Not content to be far behind the recently released Electra 1.2.1 update, Pwn20wnd with his teammates has released unc0ver 3.0.x for devices on iOS 11 all the way to iOS 11.4.1. Let’s dig into the details.

After a prolonged period of inactivity in the iOS jailbreak community, developers have sprung back to work with a flurry of jailbreak solutions to serve the interests of those who like operating their iOS devices at their maximum potential without the Apple-imposed restrictions.


It’s an excepted wisdom that competition begets improvements in products and services as people strive to attain that extra edge over rivals by tapping into the reserves of creativity resulting in constant improvements to the end-product. Same, and much needed, development has manifested in iOS jailbreak with the arrival of unc0ver. Just when the predominant player, Electra, started to lose its early mojo and began to stagnate the arrival of a competitor has given users an alternative with better tools.

A former member of the Electra jailbreak team is the main force behind the unc0ver jailbreak. This pre-release update of unc0ver may have a whiff of personal grudge written all over it, but it will nonetheless be beneficial to the jailbreak community as users have more options instead of being dependent on whatever a single player throws at them.

Hot on the heels of Electra version 1.2.x with a bevy of under-the-hood improvements, we now share unc0ver 3.0.x in the form of a pre-released version. This is a sign that the team of developers hasn’t run this update through its paces and lack of full testing means it might not be compatible with all devices to go with some stability issues that are bound to arise.

However, the public rollout also indicates that the creators of this jailbreak exploit deem it stable enough for use as a daily driver with a caveat related to its compatibility with only iPhone 6s or newer device running iOS 11 through iOS 11.4.1.

In his tweet, Pwn20wnd clarified this update doesn’t work on devices powered by A7 and A8X processors but the support is expected to arrive soon:

have been late with this one due to the lack of testing devices. A7/A7X/A8/A8X support will also be added as soon as possible!

Unc0ver 3.0.x features important internal improvements coupled with the addition of new exploits to make it stable and reliable on a range of devices. If you’re using a device already jailbroken using an earlier version of unc0ver then download the latest IPA for version 3.0.x and use it to jailbreak your device for a smooth experience.

If you own an A7 or A8X device, you can wait until the next update to get the stable version of this jailbreak.

To download the IPA, visit Pwn20wnd’s GitHub page here.

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