Fall Guys Season 2 Starts Soon: Here Is Everything You Should Know

Fall Guys Season 2 opens from next week! Fall Guys is one of the biggest hits of 2020. Although the initial euphoria surrounding the game has fizzled out to an extent it still boasts a massive community of players eagerly awaiting what the developers have in store for them next. The season 2 of Fall Guys is coming to mobile, PC, and PlayStation platforms. Until the new season arrives, players can continue to enjoy the Double Fame Bonus.

The new season promises to bring new levels. Besides, it also features updated costume styles based on a medieval knights ‘n’ castles theme. On top of these new additions, several improvements to the gameplay engine and physics as well as bug fixes to remove the dreaded connection error will be part of the overall mix.

fall guys season 2

Main Features of Fall Guys Season 2:

Here are the best features expected to arrive in the Fall Guys season 2:

  • New Rounds – Featuring our wildest obstacles yet and a variety of new mechanics to test your beans’ mettle and dexterity!
  • New customization options – Nameplates and Banners arrive to help show off your undoubtedly wonderful personality.
  • All the costumes – expect the latest in bean fashion, including exciting collaborations and limited edition swag to keep you in the hottest Fall looks.
  • Party falling – never tumble alone! Queue with pals, fall with your pals.
  • And more – more, more, more.

Here is a preview video of the Fall Guys season 2:

Discover More:

Fall Guys is now available on the PC and PS4. Season 2 will launch on 8 October 2020. Players who level up can earn double the Fame in the game until the new season is live.

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