Apex Legends Season 15 New Legend Leaked! Learn More Here

A new legend named “Catalyst” possessing building ability is coming to Apex Legend season 15, according to the latest leak doing rounds on the internet. Respawn is yet to release the next season of Apex Legends and Apex Legends Mobile across all platforms. But this hasn’t prevented a determined dataminer from unearthing hidden information in the source code with references to “Catalyst” abilities, as well as a holospray image.

Here is everything you need to know about Apex Legends season 15 start date, leaked legend, season 14 end date, and a possible new map in the upcoming season.

On August 9, Apex Legends Season 14 dropped, introducing new Legends Vantage, weapons, and significant changes to the Kings Canyon map. It’s hardly been a few weeks since the beginning of the fourteenth season and information about season 15 is already starting to surface.

Season 15 will arrive later in 2022, until then, here’s a preview of the leaked Legend, the probable map, and the Season 14 scheduled end date.

New Leaked Legend In Apex Legends Season 15:

Datamining effort from ‘SomeoneWhoLeaks’ has resulted in the discovery of Catalyst, a new Apex Legends 15 Legend.

The source said that Season 14 update included “New lines of code for the next legend, Catalyst,” with a “ferro_wall” ability tucked inside the files.

Now merely identifying Catalyst might not seem like a groundbreaking finding, but it does strike a chord with Legends revealed in a leak earlier this year. While the leak was dismissed as fake initially, two of the characters it alluded to at the time, Vantage and Newcastle, have indeed entered the game later.

In the same vein, Catalyst has all the trappings of a unique Legend. With its ability to build platforms, some types of ramps, and a large column, the hero brings a flavor of Fortnite to Apex Legends. Take a look at the Catalyst gameplay for more details, below.

As per the leaked abilities, the new Legends is capable of creating covers and platforms with ferrofluid. It seems Catalyst promises to give a jolt to the established pattern we have come to expect from Apex Legends.

Here are all the leaked abilities of Catalyst:

  • Catalyst’s Passive: Reinforce – Standing near your ferrofluid structures, doors, and other Legends placeables will strengthen their integrity and allow them to take significantly more damage.
  • Catalyst’s Tactical: Ferro Shot – On impact, the shot creates a ramp of hardened ferrofluid that can be extended with more shots. Can also be used to create platforms on walls (Max 3 structures).
  • Catalyst’s Ultimate: Iron Tower – Ferrofluid rises up from below, pushing you upwards while creating a tall solid column under you.

We advise you to take this information with a grain of salt, but taking into account that the previous leak from earlier this year turned out to be true, the leak does exude an air of legitimacy.

Of course, developers may also choose to debut Catalyst for a later season or junk the plan altogether.

apex legends season 15 new legend

Likely New Map In Apex Legends Season 15:

We already know that an upcoming Apex Legends map called “Divided Moon” leaked back in March, which could make its way in Season 15, should Respawn Entertainment stays on its usual course of frequently adding a new map.

To wit, Respawn has a track record of adding a new Apex Legends map every four seasons. We saw season 3 bring World’s Edge, Season 7’s Olympus, and Season 11 map Storm Point. This past sequence suggests that Season 15 is all set to bring a new map, but nothing is guaranteed until the official announcement.

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Apex Legends Season 15 Start Date:

Respawn Entertainment is yet to disclose a release date for Apex Legend Season 15, but we do know that Season 14 is going to wrap up on 8 November 2022.

So in the absence of any delays, we can expect Season 15 to kick off immediately following the conclusion of Season 14, along with a new Legend, Battle Pass, and maybe a new map.

Apex Legends is currently playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.