xCloud For PC Preview And First Look [Official Xbox Game Pass Cloud Streaming]

Here’s the first preview of xCloud streaming on PC explained in a review video below. xCloud for PC brings Xbox Game Pass gaming streaming via Microsoft’s official cloud service. Though the current iteration has cloud gaming streaming limited to 720p resolution, future updates are sure to introduce the necessary upgrade to this aspect.

Microsoft is aiming to provide an all-round playing experience to players across multiple platforms. Project xCloud streaming initiative is part of the same vision. The online gaming service is intended to offer more flexibility to gamers with regards to keeping track of their game progress regardless of the type of device and media platform.

xcloud for pc

Project xCloud streaming service is merged into the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This will afford Android users to stream Xbox titles from the cloud through the Xbox app on their mobile devices. (This functionality is currently available only on Android platforms. Apple’s iOS limitations mean the status of the service embracing the platform remains up in the air. The arrival of xCloud streaming on iPhone or iPad hinges on definitive confirmation following a mutual agreement between Microsoft and Apple.)

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According to the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Phil Spencer, the primary target audience of the xCloud streaming service are mobile users. PC and Xbox One consoles are expected to receive the official support as well in due course.

Now, when it comes to the xCloud for PC, folks over there at WindowsCentral have managed to get their hands on the testing version of the PC app.

As you can see in the Cloud preview video below, all of the features already part of the experience on the Android platform seem to be working as they should. That said, there is a slight difference related to the resolution which is currently limited to 720p on the PC side of the xCloud streaming. This is due to the servers currently powering the xCloud are based on Xbox One S hardware.

xbox game pass

This may not be a huge deal when streaming on smaller screen real-estate of smartphones and tablets, the undesirable drawback of resolution locking at 720p becomes increasingly visible on PCs with comparatively larger displays.

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The xCloud gaming resolution restriction on PC will be a thing of the past come next year when Microsoft replaces the current generation of servers with the much more powerful alternative based on Xbox Series X hardware. This planned transition should yield at least 1080p resolution for xCloud streaming on all platforms, if not the 4K resolution arriving soon on Amazon Luna and Google Stadia.

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