Undawn Release Date For Android And iOS Confirmed! Learn More Here

Undawn game, the new survival shooter, finally gets the official release date. Mark June 15, 2023, on your calendar if you’re interested in playing the global version on your mobile. Pre-registration is now open with rewards and bonuses for those who enroll before the worldwide launch on iOS and Android devices. And if you’re a Will Smith fan, there is exciting news. You can play a character played by your favorite actor in the game.


PUBG Mobile creators, Level Inifinite, have joined hands with Lightspeed Studios to bring the highly-awaited mobile survival shooter game, Undawn, on June 15th for both Android and iOS platforms. You can pre-register now to receive rewards upon the game’s launch.

At the press release, in addition to announcing the game launch, details regarding Will Smith’s character, named Trey Jones, were also shared. As an experienced survivor armed with the knowledge of things needed to survive in a lawless land, he will mentor and assist you in adjusting to life post-apocalypse. You can see a preview showcasing Will Smith as Trey Jones in action below.

Like several other surival shooters, Undawn gameplay revolves around survival and shooting. Set in an apocalyptic world full of zombies roaming freely, you have to overcome obstacles to remain alive.

In the beginning, circumstances compel you to join the Raven Squad which will help you in your struggle to collect essential items during fights against groups the Night Owls, Clowns, Reivers, and Eagles. Each faction battles to establish a complete control over different territories while zombies posing a constant threat throughout your journey makes the task even more challenging.

So, in order to defend yourself against various dangers lurking all across, you must accumulate different types of weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, etc.

In addition, there are also other unique weapons such as drones, bombs, auto-turrets that provide extra options at critical points.

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Another differentiating aspect of Undawn is that it is not limited to just fighting enemies and killing zombies. The game places great importance on mastering survival skills and their flawless execution, which includes resource management, keeping up a good health, and rationing among other activities.

As the protagonist, you need to look after your mental and physical hygiene while ensuring enough supplies remain at hand to survive. Collectively, all these efforts merge to increase your probability of outlasting others in the game world.

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Undawn is coming to Google Play Store and Apple App Store on June 15th. It is free to download, but has in-app purchases to unlock stuff during gameplay.