Download Android 13 OTA Images For Google Pixel Phones

Google has released Android 13 for all supported devices under its Pixel lineup of smartphones. Although the update lacks the usual bells and whistles, Google deserves acknowledgment for rolling out a full-fledged firmware update on a schedule. Google Pixel owners may not get new features or major improvements in this release, but it contains critical fixes to enhance the overall user experience.

If you own a Google Pixel mobile, the update should land in your region any moment now.

That said, we are also aware of the fact that companies usually push major updates in stages. This means some countries might get the update later than others. If you’re an impatient type, however, and want to jump ahead to the queue to try Android 13 before it arrives in your country, there is a way to manually update.

android 13 for google pixel

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Download Android 13 For All Supported Google Pixel Devices

Here is good news for Google Pixel device owners. The Android 13 firmware files are now available. This means all Pixel handsets launched since Pixel 4 are eligible for the update. Like always, we are going to share the Factory Image and OTA Image files so that you don’t have to search the whole internet to find a fully working installation file appropriate for your device.

Simply click on the line below to download the file meant for your smartphone and begin the update process.

After downloading the right OS files, you can proceed to install Android 13 on your device. If you want to learn how to install Android 13, refer to our tutorial. Also, stay tuned for an updated guide with the latest links.