Can Android 13 Run Windows 11? Find Out Here!

In an unexpectedly pleasant surprise, as it turns out, Android 13 can let you run Windows 11. Here is what you need to know about it.

When you review Android 13 features, it becomes abundantly apparent that the latest Android firmware lacks significant aesthetic changes worthy of notice. Although it offers themed icon selection, a photo picker with better security coupled with new Wi-Fi permissions, it seems the new operating system can run Windows 11 as an alternative using a VM (Virtual Machine).

windows 11 on android 13

Android 13 Runs Windows 11 But Requires A Workaround, For Now

When Android app developer Danny Lin (kdrag0n) picked up his Google Pixel 6 to experiment using a different OS on it, little did he know that it would work better than expected. He showed off Windows 11 Arm compatible version operating on his Pixel 6 via a virtual machine. You can see the device powered on Android 13 Developer Preview 1 update in the image he shared on his Twitter.

Check the screenshot of the tweet below:

Moreover, Lin explains that Windows 11 is “really usable.” However, at the moment, the support for hardware GPU acceleration is missing. To illustrate the Windows 11 port on Android 13, he posted a video demonstrating Doom running via Win 11 virtual machine. See it for yourself below.

In addition to Windows 11, Lin also managed to run other firmware on Pixel 6. For instance, he exhibited multiple Linux distributions booting the device.

If you’re unfamiliar with its works, it is helpful to remember that Android 13 on Google Pixel 6 supports virtualization. Seemingly, Google is putting in much effort to improve the virtualization framework to ensure it can operate on other devices without issues.

We are not disputing how remarkable a feat is that Windows 11 runs smoothly on Android 13 enabled Pixel 6. Still, from the perspective of an average user without technical know-how, this type of premature virtualization could harm a device if not implemented properly.

That said, if you’re a tech enthusiast who doesn’t mind experimenting with new tricks, go ahead and start tweaking your handset to get firsthand experience.