Fix Electra Stuck At Enable Jailbreak Issue With Cydia Missing On Home Screen

If you’re trying to free your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.3.1 from the clutches of Apple imposed restriction using latest Electra update and have been stuck with the “Enable Jailbreak” error with no Cydia appearing on the Home screen, you’re among many who are experience the same issue. There are several Apple iOS jailbreak enthusiasts who are experiencing the same problem. But the good news is its solutions doesn’t require too much hard work. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to fix Electra “Enable Jailbreak” issue with Cydia missing on the Home screen.

electra not working

If despite trying several methods you have not been able to fix this problem, then see the steps below to get it resolved and start using Electra with full benefits of Cydia.

Steps To Fix “Electra Enable” Jailbreak With No Cydia On Home Screen Issue

  1. Download the rootless jailbreak IPA from Jake James in this link here.
  2. Now sideload it on your device through Cydia Impactor tool.
  3. Give the IPA file necessary permissions to launch (Settings > General > Profile (s) & Device Managementi) and then launch the jailbreak app that you have just installed with a single tap on its icon.
  4. Next, inside the app, tap on the Jailbreak button and wait for the device to respring.
  5. Now launch the Terminal app on your Mac or PowerShell on Windows 10 or Command prompt on older Windows versions. Then, type the following command: ssh root@[IP ADDRESS OF YOUR iOS DEVICE]. On iOS devices, go into WiFi settings and tap the blue circle next to the wireless network to find the device IP address.
  6. Type Yes if you get a warning message. When asked for password, type alpine. If you have changed the password then enter that one.
  7. Once the SSH access is reached, type in the command uicache and hit enter key. Wait for a few minutes for the command to execute.
  8. Next, type in the following command and hit enter: killall -9 SpringBoard

When the command is successfully executed, you will notice that Cydia is now installed on your device.


electra jailbreak app
Here is what the error looks like on your iOS device

In the end, if you followed all the steps correctly, your device should be jailbroken properly with full access to Cydia and its tweaks. Enjoy!

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