How to fix Black Dot of DEATH text message freezing iPhone and Android devices.

The Black Dot message of Death have been everywhere. Yet another Android generated Black Dot bug which was first sent by many Android users using WhatsApp messaging app. All it had was some text and a black dot at the bottom. Soon when the user touch this black dot their WhatsApp messenger freezes. That wasn’t too bad as you can kill the WhatsApp messenger and get it forced closed. Your Android device still works. But this Black dot has turned to Black Dot of Death when it reaches the iOS devices.

Black Dot message Fix iphoneI have just updated my iPhone X to the latest iOS 11 Beta 4 and received this Black Dot text message from one of my friend. The soon I touched the clack dot even in the notifications bar. My Phone freezes. It actually opened the messaging app but it freezes and there was nothing but a white scree shown all over the place. I had to force Reset my device to get it working again. See in images below.

Many users in India are being affected by this Black Dot Text message hack. But we have some real fixes for the issue so that your iPhone doesn’t stuck on this message. Developers at Apple have promised to get this fixed in the upcoming update. But still you can get rid of this by following this step by step guide below.

Black Dot of Death message Fix iphone

How to Fix Black DOT of Death Message on iPhone:

If you have recieved such Black Dot text message and you are stuck with no soloution then follow this step by step guide.

  1. First of all try to Hold and Press Home Button so that you come out of Text Messaging App.
  2. If it doesn’t work, Hold and Press the power/ Lock button to kill the app.
  3. This will work only if you have received the Black Dot text once or twice.
  4. If you have received the text more then 2 times, Your phone will stuck and you can’t come out of messaging app.
  5. Now you need to hold and press the power button and then restart your device.
  6. Once your device is turned on.
  7. Go straight to Messaging app and remove all Black Dot TEXT messages.
  8. Try to remove all at once.
  9. Once done your phone will start working normally.

Black DOt Text fix

You can even block any phone number if he/she is sending this text again and again. For Android users, its easy, you can simply force kill the WhatsApp messaging app and can get rid of this by deleting the text message.