Download AppStore ++ IPA For iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak [Downgrade App Store Apps]

Not satisfied with the new app update? You can now revert to the previous app version using the newly released AppStore++ tweak by developer CokePokes. This exploit is compatible with iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The package is available to download from the developer’s Cydia repository, method is explained below.

appstore ++

From functionality standpoint, AppStore ++ is very much like any other ++ app that performs like the original app but with additional features. The app is this package has been assembled and released to allow owners of jailbroken iOS devices to update or downgrade App Store apps to the version of their choice. So, for example, if you had Facebook installed, then you would only be able to use the version already running or the latest update from the App Store. With AppStore++ tweak, you can choose to install earlier version of the app minus all the features and changes brought into the latest updated iteration.

Although this all seem incredible to begin with but it does come with a catch. The developer has actually rolled out the platform just to populate and build up the crowd-sources database which will provide the foundation for AppStore++ apps.

A rather similar database is already in existence that provides identical experience, but, according to the developer, there was an unwillingness to share that information to make AppStore ++ powerful out of the box. All this indicates that CokePokes is essentially starting all over again.

Pushed AppStore++ to Right now, just download apps to help build up the database. Gotta fix a few things for downgrading but it should work most of the time for apps not installed. Working on that.

appstore ++

So, mainly, the more people who download the AppStore++ and use it to download apps, the better the elementary database will be and the greater the subsequent support offered for apps.

Those of you interested in getting AppStore++ and become a part of the community, download the tool right now on the developer’s repo. Launch Cydia, add as the repository URL and start using it.