How To Fix Mod Apk Issues On Android

Quite so often, I stumble upon internet forums where people are found asking for ways to fix modded apk problems on Android devices. So, I figured it would be of help to those if I share my tips and tricks regarding the issue.

Many will find something useful in the following tips and tricks regarding Android mod apk. Some of the below-mentioned tips may already be known to many while others could be totally new for others.

If you happen to know more tips and would like to contribute, please feel free to share your solutions in the comments box at the end of this post.

Disclaimer: These tips and tricks are for general information purposes only. We neither support hacking nor encourage the use of modded apks on Android. So follow at your own discretion.

fix mod apk issues

Methods To Fix Android Mod Apk Problems [2019]:

Issues With License

This is a frequently occurring issue with Mod Apk that is often reported on various web forums. That said, it is, thankfully, easy to fix as well.

First off, if you see a License error message at the time of running a modified version of an app/game, simply install it from the Play Store and start it once and then launch the modified apk file of that particular application.

In some cases, start the app download from the Play Store and abort the process after a few seconds. For using an app or game not available in your country’s play store, see the next solution.

App Unavailable In Your Country Or Incompatible Device

This is yet another common issue which is equally straightforward to resolve. To begin with, look for the most recent version of the app in the official app description on its Play Store page and then search for the APK of that version on Google.

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It’s recommended to first install the original APK version of the app. In case it doesn’t work, follow-through by checking Google Play Store alternative marketplaces on the internet to find the same app version. Many of these app stores offer applications without regional restrictions.

If even this fails to address the problem, your last resort should be to use a proxy or modded Play Store which changes your region to where the app is available. This is not that difficult a workaround but it may be time-consuming nonetheless.

fix mod issues

Mod Apk Issue With Facebook Login

This is an oft-occurring headache which results when users try to link their Facebook account to an app or game but can’t sign in via the modified version of the app.

The simple way to fix it requires uninstalling or disabling the Facebook application and then try to connect your account. When you do this, mod apk will automatically take you to a web browser app for Facebook login, You should now be able to connect account.

Google account users can follow the steps below to fix similar issues with modded apks on their Android devices.

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Google Login Not Working With Modded APK

This one is a bit tricky than the Facebook login issue with mod apks. It requires a few extra steps as mentioned below:

  • Make sure your Android device is properly rooted.
  • Install the most recent version of Lucky Patcher tool.
  • A Mod Apk file that is unsigned.

First of all, remove the app that is not connecting to your Google Account. Next, uninstall the modded or Play Store version from your device. Now, launch lucky patcher, tap on the toolbar icon situated in the bar at the bottom followed by selecting patch to Android and ensure the options are unpatched.

Unpatch the already patched options before proceeding. When done, repatch all available options (4 of them to be exact), your device will restart after each patch. Once complete, install the Play Store version of the app, log in by entering your account details and close the app. Next, without uninstalling the Play Store version, install your modded apk. This time mod apk app installation will go through without Google account login error.

fix mod apk on android devices

Backup Issue With Account Data

It’s highly likely that you may end up losing app data linked to your account by accidentally updating or uninstalling mod apk. A simple remedy is to link your Facebook or Google game account to a cloud service for periodic data backups (avoid using Google account if you can).

Creating titanium backups presents a decent alternative to quickly save and restore data, but only if currencies are modded. Never restore data on the unmodified version of the app or game. It will result in an instant banning of your account.

Also, create a copy of your game’s /data or /obb files, although it may not change between versions for the most part.

fix modded apk issues

Tips & Tricks To Avoid Ban For Using Modded Android Apps:

The main use of Modded Apks is to give you an edge over other players, though most probably won’t work in online mode anyway. That’s why developers do not like them and ban accounts found to be using unfair means to progress quickly in the game. Here is what you can do to avoid getting banned while using mod apks on Android:

  • Do not go above a certain number of levels or beyond a reasonable progress point relative to your actual ratings otherwise, you may end up getting caught. For example, If you are at level 30 and barely getting through the stages, do not complete the map or levels above level 70. This is considered as misusing the modded apk and you will get banned. Instead, go to the level 45ish or 50 and keep playing those levels until your stars match the actual experience points.

Too obvious violations of terms & conditions tip-off developers who waste no time in pulling the plug on the accounts of hackers. So do overdo it, mod responsibly, otherwise be ready to face the same fate that met the players of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans who went overboard with rule violations leading to developers patching servers and thus blocking all ways to gain an advantage.

  • Another useful tips to avoid getting banned while using modded apks is to understand IAPs. There are a handful of online games in which you can get and use unlimited money. Usually, when that happens, players rush to buy currency beyond a reasonable limit. This is effectively the biggest mistake you could commit.

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Rule of thumb while dealing with the IAPs is to never exceed 20 to 30 USD a week. This amount is more than enough and will add up to a respectable amount at the end of the month (that is when you don’t get caught and still have a functioning account). So be nice while purchasing premium currencies.

  • Given the choice to play against bots or real people, always go for the AI bots or select a private server with a few trusted participants who won’t report your account to the developer. This is not so difficult to understand, yet so many users fall for this trap. Always try to avoid guilds that are actively looking for hackers, they immediately detect modders and report them to developers.

Final Words:

So these are the tips and tricks that you can use to fix common issues with Android Mod Apk. If you know of other solutions or think we missed any, share your views with us in the comments below.

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