Diablo Immortal Closed Beta Out In Australia And Canada! Learn More Here

Diablo Immortal beta testing enters the beta phase starting in Canada and Australia. Contrary to earlier reports claiming a delayed rollout, the release of the closed beta of the Diablo Immortal MMORPG points that the global launch is not too far away. This update brings new features and additions to the gameplay. However, only a select few participants can gain early access, for now. Following the conclusion of the first stage, the mobile version Apk of the close beta will expand across China, Japan, and South Korea regions.

Building on the previous update, a new class joins the existing lineup to take on enemies with mythical creatures. To protect the living, the Necromancer brings the dead back to life, sprays pestilence on foes, and spells curses on the damned. The Necromancer is one of the six classes to be available at the worldwide launch.

See a preview of the Necromancer class attributes in the Closed Beta trailer, below:

Selected players will also notice a revamped implementation of the end-game gear system in Closed Beta. Newly set items are available in slots reserved for secondary gear. As is evident from the name, gamers have to dress up in a certain number of items from a given set to obtain a stat bonus. In each set, there are six slots, including feet, next, rings, waist, and hands.

Within every set are two uniquely special bonuses: one allows you to wear three pieces and the other for wearing items that consist of six pieces. In other words, players can mix and match different items from various sets to receive additional bonuses.

Whereas each set has attributes categorized around fast movement, crowd-controlling enemies, primary attacks, summoning pets, survival/health, or damage over time, affording players enough leeway to experiment with the combination according to their distinct playstyle.

diablo immortal closed beta

Another welcome introduction in the Closed Beta is the addition of controller support. This provides an early preview of this functionality for testing purposes before the full and final version is fully ready for global launch. A smart move given it lends ample time to streamline how a controller responds to movements around the world and during combats with monsters. That said, Diablo Immortal supports a handful of controllers. Moreover, controllers will not work with UI menus, such as inventory.

In addition, the Closed Beta will also bring the in-app purchases to Diablo Immortal on Android devices. Players can spend money to unlock Empowered Battle Pass, promotional bundles, and Eternal Orbs. All purchases made in the Closed Beta will carry forward as in-game balance at the time of public launch.

Starting from October 28, the Closed Beta for Diablo Immortal is out for Android devices in Australia and Canada.