Download Bing Fall Colors Theme for Windows 10

Bing Fall Colors Windows 10 Theme: Winter is around the corner. To get you in the mood for the season ahead, we have brought Bing Fall Colors Theme. If you own a Windows 10 device, Bing Fall Colors Theme for PC is for you. It is free to download and contains 15 wallpapers with stunning landscapes images of the Autumn season. Transform your desktop by using these images and wallpapers in this theme as the main background.

Nature lovers who wait all years long for their favorite Autumn season will find the cornucopia of landscape images of this Windows 10 theme eclectic enough to embellish their desktop screen with a new wallpaper every day. The theme has mountains, parks, fields, trees, forests and other beautiful locations pronounced by vibrant colors. Download Windows 10 Theme for free.

To adjust the image rotation speed on your desktop, apply the theme, go to Settings > Personalization > Background, and click Change picture every drop-down menu to select the desired image change frequency. Before downloading, visit our wallpaper section for more fun themes and wallpapers.

bing fall colors theme win 10

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