[How-To Guide]: Enable God Mode On Windows 11/10 In 2021

Here is a step-by-step guide to enable God Mode on your Windows 11/10 computer and laptop in 2 minutes. The whole process takes just three simple steps to turn on God Mode on your Windows machine.

But first, here is what you need to know about what constitutes the veritable god mode. In Windows 10, the Settings app contains many settings users can access to manage different functions of the operating system from one place. The new Windows 11 makes this utility even more convenient with the incorporation of the Control Panel.

However, navigating your way around all these settings can become daunting, particularly if your work routine requires frequent use of them. As it happens from time to time, sifting through the menus to locate the right setting option can get time-consuming, especially for users who don’t know where to find them. And this is where the ‘god mode’ enters the equation.

In short, the God Mode includes all the shortcuts that help you reach the desired settings quickly. See the tutorial below to learn the right way about how to enable God mode on PC Windows in 2021.

enable god mode windows

Enable God Mode On Windows:

Within the God mode, you can open any setting with just a single click. So in case you’re not fond of the default Settings application in Windows 10/11, this feature will save you valuable time zigzagging your way through convoluted menus. Fortunately, enabling this workaround is extremely simple, as explained in the steps below:

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Step 1 – To begin, right-click on your desktop and move your cursor over to New.

Step 2 – In the submenu, select Folder.

new folder windows 11

Step 3 – Now, name the new folder and give it the following name:


god mode folder windows 11

After entering the name, you’ll notice it disappear under the folder icon. This means you’ve set up the folder correctly.

god mode folder

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Step 4 – Once done, open the folder. Inside the god mode folder, you will find 200+ settings to choose from. Simply click on the relevant setting to perform the needed action.

god mode folder windows

Step 5 – That’s all.

One More Thing:

If you want to speed up the process even further, all you need to do is drag and drop these settings to your desktop and quickly access the desired setting without having to open the folder.

I hope this quick tip improves your experience on PC Windows. Leave your feedback in the comments if you found this helpful.

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