Download Pixel 3 Official Launcher APK for Android Devices

Google Pixel 3 Launcher is now available for non-Pixel Android smartphones. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are the latest flagship handsets from Google. Download Pixel 3 Launcher APK from the link below and install it to enjoy all the features of the stock Pixel 3 Launcher on your Android device. The Pixel Launcher experience brings the latest goodies incorporated into this year’s Pixel 3 smartphone. The Pixel 3 official launcher has the minimal design that works buttery smooth on Android. There are plenty of other improvements to the UI and icons which you can get by downloading the APK ported from the Pixel 3 phone.

download and install pixel 3 launcher apk

Google hasn’t veered off the course as far as the hardware of the device is concerned which mostly remains the same as the last year model of the Pixel lineup. Any changes that do come are too negligible to be considered worthwhile. The main focus of 2018 Pixel lineup has been on the internals and software. That said, as a whole, the new device is still among the best Android smartphones with a complete overall package.

The Pixel 3 Launcher

In the previous iteration, the most noticeable change was removable of the voice icon used in the Google Search bar that was used to launch the Assistant. But Google has decided to rectify that in the Pixel 3 Launcher by bringing back the functionality in the form of a button in the theme that can be accessed from the drawer.

This adaptive icon function works with all the apps and tools that can be used via the Launcher. The tweak may be small but it does give the UI a more symmetrical aesthetic appeal. Google allows developers to add their own icons and adaptive experience into the launcher through third-party apps.

pixel 3 launcher apk full

Apart from this rest of the Pixel 3 Launcher experience is essentially the same as the one found in its previous version on the Pixel 2 devices. However, the improvements in performance mean that it is now better than it has ever been to use on any Android handset.

Download Pixel 3 Launcher APK for Android

If you are an Android user and want to give this new launcher a try, then download the Pixel 3 Launcher APK from the link here and sideload it onto your Android device.

Once downloaded, use any file manager tool to locate the APK file and tap to install it.

Make sure that Unknown Sources is enabled in Settings > Security otherwise the installation won’t go through.

That’s it. You can start using the official Pixel 3 Launcher on your Android device. Do share your experience in the comments below.