Samsung Unveils Foldable Phone With Flexible Display – Take a Look Here

Samsung has delivered on its promise of unveiling a foldable phone with flexible display and with that the South Korean electronics company has ushered in a new era in smartphone technological advancement. After months of teasing that the company is working on a new handset that can be bent and folded, Samsung has finally lifted wraps on a device that features a slick design that folds up like a flexible bar of chocolate.

samsung's flexible display phone

Samsung showed a working prototype of the device during the conference while shying away from divulging much about its functionalities. So far we know that the fordable screen is called Infinity Flex Display, but Samsung seems content with just showing the world a teaser of its next step in smartphone innovation while holding the cards close their chests for the moment. This reveal can be termed more as an appetizer to something truly groundbreaking being cooked in the phone industry. Lights were shut and the hall was downed in darkness at the time of showcasing the device to the world reflecting company’s secrecy over the matter.

samsung's forable phone

Samsung’s Fordable Phone With Infinite Flex Display 

The device is rumored to be available for sale next year. It allegedly has a 7.3-inch display when fully open, closer to a small tablet screen size. Upon closing the device, the display size of the smartphone shrinks to 4.5-inch. Taking advantage of the display’s flexibility, it can run three apps simultaneously courtesy of what Samsung calls multi-active window. What’s more, Google is already supporting these kinds of device displays at a firmware level within Android.

It remains to be seen whether Samsung chooses to coat its own user interface on top of Google’s system to tweak features to what it perceives suitable for the flexible display.

Having said that, it’s still early days in fordable screen technology and other companies are also jostling for profit by offering something new to smartphone users who look weary of stagnant progress in smartphone designs with little to differentiate them from each other. Next year could be one of the most interesting as far as the smartphone design is concerned but only time will tell whether these flexible displays can manage to capture the market’s attention.

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