How To Fix Chrome 67 No Title Bar Color Issue On Windows 10.

Microsoft routinely pushes Windows 10 updates to glean out bugs harming the system stability. Google’s Chrome web browse has just received an update seeded to the stable channel after months of beta testing. While both of these events might seem unrelated, but together they have resulted in no title bar color in Chrome 67 on Windows 10 PCs and Laptops, according to complaints surfacing on various online Windows forums. So far the information is scarce as to what is to be blamed for this issue: Microsoft or Google’s Chrome developers. Fortunately, the problem is not too difficult to resolve, as explained below. But first let’s see the main causes behind the issue in order to get a better understanding of the mechanics at play here.

fix no title bar color chrome 67

What’s Causing No Title Bar Color In Chrome 67?

Google has been changing the design of its Chrome web browse as was quiet evident in its last few updates. It’s gravitating towards a more material design appearance. The change has been gradual in a way that the History page, the Settings page, and the Download page got the new look first.

The new Material design in Chrome 67 is available as an option which users can opt in and out of through settings. For some users, it might come enabled by-default, which is resulting in certain issues. That said, it seems likely that the problem is due to the Chrome bug and has nothing to do with Microsoft. Regardless, the solution, for now, is linked to changing the value of the Chrome flag. You might return the flag to its previous value once the problem is fixed.

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Moreover, the timing of this bugs coincides with a Windows 10 update. This is a source of confusion for many who are unaware of the actual reasons behind the issue. Consensus is pointing towards a problem with the Chrome update, especially when you take into account that the issue is limited only to the Google’s web browser. One annoying aspect of Chrome browser is that it automatically updates in the background without letting the user decide whether they want to install the update or not. This leads users into a false belief that the problem might be with the Windows 10 operating system and they start panicking while the reality suggests that the opposite is most likely the case.

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So here is what you can do to fix Chrome 67 no title bar color issue on Windows 10.

How To Fix No Title Bar Color Issue With Chrome 67 On PC Windows 10 & Laptop

First fix uses built-in Windows 10 functions.

Windows 10 Fix

On Windows 10, go to the Settings app and then click on Personalization. Now select the Color tab and for a few seconds, change the default accent color to something different to the currently selected one. Now check if Chrome starts showing color on the title bar. If it does, then the issue is fixed. If not, try changing the wallpaper as well, and enable the automatic accent color feature.

windows 10 accent color

If none of these tips worked, proceed to the Chrome fix below.

Chrome Fix

Launch Chrome browser on your Windows 10 PC or laptop and type the following in the address bar.


Now click on the drop-down box next to the flag, and select the Refresh option. Next, click on the Relaunch button to restart Chrome. Save data before restarting. After the restart, Chrome’s title bar color should be back on as normal.

chrome toolbar fix

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