Android 12 Beta 1 OTA Direct Download Links For Pixel Phones 2021 [Google Official Firmware]

Here download and install Android 12 Beta 1 OTA to get the latest version of the official mobile firmware from Google for all compatible Pixel devices. As usual, the next big Android OS update arrives first on Google’s own hardware after which other OEMs such as Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc will commence their own release roadmap. The search engine giant announced a new Android operating system at the I/O 2021 developer conference giving us a preview of the upcoming UI design changes, new features, and much more. If you’re interested, click on the link below to download Android 12 Beta 1 via links to the OTA profile plus Factory Image for your Google Pixel phone.

Together with offering a wide variety of customization tools in Android 12, the ‘Material You’ redesign accompanies a slew of pleasant upgrades that seem to borrow some aspects from its Apple iOS counterpart such as the iPhone’s clipboard access notifications among others.

That said, this is the biggest change to the Android OS in a long time. We can’t be more excited to try this fresh take on compatible smartphones and tablets.

The wait is over for those equally enthused about the latest Android firmware if you own a Pixel handset. Simply download the Android 12 Beta 1 using the OTA profile or Factory Images direct download links below to get your handheld device up and running.

android 12 beta ota download links

Android 12 New Features:

But first, let go through a brief overview of the main highlights that should attract your attention. As XDA-Developers pointed, the Android 12 system interface theme automatically adjusts to match the color of your wallpaper while extending the effect to widgets, lock screen, notification shade, and other areas of the user interface.

First of all, there’s a new “color extraction” feature that changes the system’s theme based on your current wallpaper. It uses a clustering algorithm with material color targets to determine dominant and less dominant colors and applies hues that match your wallpaper. This design, along with the rest of the new “Material You” changes, is coming to Google Pixel phones first in the fall.

Another tweak that stands out relates to a novel change to interactions besides a rather simple notification shade among other improvements.

Furthermore, Android users finally get their wish as Android 12 finally brings an option to disable the automatic upload of screenshots on Google Photos.

android 12 beta 1 download

Moreover, a long press on the smartphone’s power button invokes Google Assistant.

Then there’s dynamic lighting, a feature wherein your lock screen expands from darkness based on where you press the power button or unlock the phone. One feature we also spotted is that, on the lock screen, there’s a new button for Quick Wallet Access (Google Pay cards). Furthermore, the Quick Settings space has redesigned to include Google Pay and Home controls.

Of course, it’s still early days in the development of Android 12. Google will continue to improve it as new issues come to the forefront with more usage in the real world. Meanwhile, take a look at the video below to get an early glimpse of the Android 12 design.

Android 12 Preview Video:

Discover More:

Download Android 12 Beta 1 OTA Files + Factory Images For Google Pixel Devices:

If you own a Pixel device and want to test the major upgrade this release incorporates, all it requires for the installation of Android 12 beta 1 is a simple sign-up, if you haven’t already done so. You need to enroll in the Android Beta program because the “initial-beta-quality release” is out as an OTA update for those who want to join other early adopters.

Click on the link that applies to your device to download the Android 12 beta 1 update for free. All official Android 12 beta 1 system images are live and listed below.

Device OTA Factory Image
Google Pixel 3 Download Link Download Link
Google Pixel 3 XL Download Link Download Link
Google Pixel 3a Download Link Download Link
Google Pixel 3a XL Download Link Download Link
Google Pixel 4 Download Link Download Link
Google Pixel 4 XL Download Link Download Link
Google Pixel 4a Download Link Download Link
Google Pixel 4a 5G Download Link Download Link
Google Pixel 5 Download Link Download Link


That’s all. Download Android 12 beta 1 from the OTA links or Factory Images shared above. Make sure to download the correct installer file meant for your device model. In addition, bear in mind that Android 12 remains in a beta testing phase. Therefore, it is better to avoid using it as your daily driver just yet.

So, are you using Android 12 beta 1? We would like to hear your thoughts on the new firmware in the comments section.