Coke and Popcorn Best 5 Alternatives as the site dies down.

For many movie streamers the shutdown or death of the famous CokeandPopcorn sites makes them disappointed. Both the famous and the URL’s have been shutdown. You won’t be able to stream or Download Full HD 1080p movies on your Laptop or desktop computers or even on your smartphones. But we have come up with some of the best alternatives of coke and popcorn. Which will help you enjoy the same experience of streaming latest movies online. and are shutdown but here are the best alternative sites that can help you enjoy free movies streaming online in 2018.

Well after the demise of one of my favorite Yify Torrents site,(Although some copies available but not same speed and quality) this coke & popcorn was my next pit stop for streaming latest movies on my pc. But with strict DMCA policies such sites don’t last longer. So the authorities pressure worked here and the admin of this mega movies pot decided to shut it down. Below is the message by the admin posted on it’s site.

The main servers of the COKE&POPCORN site were from sweeden, the home of Piratesbay. But the new EU polices and strict and make the admins to drawback there free movies and tv shows offerings online. Same was the fate of another famous site named Putlocker. However the second site has domain changes but is still very much live.

The Coke & Popcorn admin’s assertion that they are closing down voluntary just does not go well with millions of torrent followers around the world. It’s possible that there is some kind of legal pressure behind the “voluntary” shutdown, but the true reason is open to speculation.

Coke and popcorn shutdown notice

Watching the Netflix link in the above notice on a pirate movie site is quite strange and funny altogether. This could have been a punishment or realization of piracy act by the admin. However we are here with some of the best alternative sites for Which will lead you to the desired movies collection.
Coke and PopCorn Alternative movie sites

Top 5 Coke & like movie streaming websites:


Although the previous version or domain of the putlocker site was shutdown. But this new domain name has all the movies available for streaming. It might not have a huge library of TV shows and movies but with the quality and latest content this can be regarded as one of the best altenative to the Coke&PopCorn movies streaming sites of 2018.

You can either watch and in some case download HD content from this site.

2- SolarMovie

SolarMovies makes the dram of every movie streamer come true. This is no doubt the best bet for all the movie lovers who were previously stick with the coke and popcorn lists. The best thing about this movies library is the inbuilt, working search engine. Which will come up with the movies that you would like to watch as your favorite genre.

You can reach Solarmovies site by writing this url in your address bar:

Beside this there are tons of other new features included which makes this site work like Amazon prime or Netflix. The servers behind this site are way more powerful and streaming works absolutely fine.

Sites like coke and popcorn


This could be the best cokeandpopcorn alternative site. But the only thing made this one lower in ranks is the excessive use of advertisements on the site. However the good thing is that it also contains some of the latest movies in best available HD quality. You can even easily download the movies or their subtitles to you PC computer to watch those movies offline later.

4. Niter

Niter is another free movie streaming website like Coke & Popcorn. Niter’s interface will remind you more about Netflix than Coke & Popcorn because of the way it is designed. If you care about how awesome the menu and navigation look, you should give Niter a try. Plus, we didn’t come across too many ads though a video popup opened while surfing it, which is a huge plus with movie streaming websites. Give Niter a try and you may as well thank us.

The above three Coke& and Coke& alternatives are best working free movies streaming websites right now. There are some other movie streaming websites which we have not tested but are doing well.

5- PrimeWire:

This new movie site with the URL is relitively smaller site. But still can compete with the sites like Coke&popcorn. You can watch High Defination movies via streaming or simply download the PrimeWire Movies collection from this site. Prime Wires biggest diadvantage is the account requiremnts to reach their movies collection. And the good point about this site is that they provide the best and latest TV series shows for you.

Final Words:

Hope you liked our list of Best 5 Coke and Popcorn alternative sites. We will be bringing more useful and great sites for you. Where you can stream and download more movies online for free. You can checkout our Top10 category for this purpose.