Netflix Subscription No Longer Works With Apple iTunes Accounts For New Users

Netflix has decided to part ways with Apple with regards to charging new subscribers through their iTunes account. If you are an Apple device user and planning to set up a new Netflix account with paid subscription active on it, you will no longer be able to do so via your iTunes account credentials. Here are the details.

Back in August, Netflix released an official announcement confirming that the world’s biggest streaming service will stop working with Apple’s payment system. The rationale which was put forward to make sense of this move placed blame on the high fees amount charged by the Cupertino tech giant compelling Netflix to structure its own payment system for Apple users. Subsequently, the new paywall model entered a testing phase in several selected countries to verify its smooth functioning and to introduce whatever improvements required based on the user feedback.

netflix itunes account

Netflix’s spokesperson told VebtureBeat that new users to the service won’t be able to use the payment system linked to their Apple ID or iTunes account. Upon signing up for the service, they will automatically be taken to a separate page where they can enter all the account and payment information for the subscription to become active.

This change will not affect the current users who have already signed up for a paid Netflix account via their iTunes. They won’t be asked to re-enter their credit card or bank account information (in case of direct debit) to watch their favorite shows and movies on the popular online streaming platform.

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It should also be noted that current users who cancel the subscription and want to join again will be impacted by the new system because it considers returning users as a “new subscriber” in the database.

Another aspect worth noting that Netflix isn’t the first big player to have issues with the amount of money Apple and Google charge developers for selling apps/games through their respective app stores and pass on those extra charges over to the customers in the form of higher prices. Previously, the likes of Spotify, Financial Times, and Epic Games, which doesn’t offer its Fortnite game through the Google Play Store instead it is available only as Fortnite APK, have expressed their concerns about the payment structure and started offering their own subscription services away from App Store and Play Store.

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Source: VentureBeat