Legends of Runeterra Apk Direct Download Link For Android

Download Legends of Runeterra for Android: One of the best free mobile card games with updated content is here. Developer Riot Games has released yet another version of Legends of Runeterra that comes with many new additions and features to the gameplay.

LoR is the result of a highly successful collaboration with Tencent Games which also gave us League of Legends Mobile for Android smartphones. The game’s launch came as a celebration of the 10 years of the LOL Mobile games. Mobile gaming is all the rage these days. All big developers are releasing their PC and console games now on portable devices – NEW STATE Mobile, Diablo Immortal, Pokemon Unite, Genshin Impact, and The Witcher to name a few.

Just like the LOL Mobile (also known as the League of Legends) is already available for download. Similarly, the latest Legends of Runeterra Apk would delight the fans of the genre.

What Is the Legend Of Runeterra?

The official download link is available everywhere yet. Many fans of the genre are searching for ways to download the popular game. You can grab the latest version of the game from the link below.


Legends of Runeterra Decks:

The card changes reveal upcoming improvements to the menu system and the deck of cards in the digital card game.

Before the video was taken down for copyright infringement, an esports website Inven Global managed to record all the changes. Take a look at the copy of the alterations on the list below.

New Changes To The Card System:

  • Anivia: Can now block incoming attacks. Now levels up when Enlightened. Costs 7 mana (up from 6). -2 Attack, +1 HP.
  • Avarosan Hearthguard: -1 HP.
  • Back Alley Barkeep: +1 Attack.
  • Boomcrew Rookie: +1 Attack.
  • Catalyst of Aeons: Costs 1 mana more.
  • Chempunk Pickpocket: +1 Attack.
  • Chempunk Shredder: +1 Attack.
  • Cloud Drinker: Removed the “Enlightened” effect, -2 HP
  • Ezreal: Mystic Shots created by Level 2 Ezreal cost 2 mana (up from 0), but no longer have Fleeting.
  • Flame Chompers: +1 HP.
  • Fleetfeather Tracker: Now reads: “When you summon an allied unit, give me Challenger.”
  • Parade Electrorig: -1 Attack, +1 HP.
  • Plaza Guardian: +1 Attack, +1 HP.
  • Sumpsnipe Scavenger: +1 HP.
  • The Rekindler: -1 Attack, -1 HP;
  • Used Cask Salesman: +1 Attack;
  • Wraithcaller: Now also has Fearsome, +1 Attack.
  • Wyrding Stones: -1 HP.

The latest LoR Apk 2023 brings the best mobile experience.

A Complete List of Legends of Runeterra Main Features:


ICONIC LEAGUE CHAMPIONS: Classic champs from League of Legends and brand-new characters from the world of Runeterra come to life in vivid detail.

SKILL ABOVE ALL: It’s all about the choices you make and the risks you take. Every move matters and the outplays are all up to you.

YOUR CARDS, YOUR WAY: Earn cards for free as you play or buy exactly what you want in the store—you’re in control of your collection, and you’ll never pay for random packs of cards.

CRAFT YOUR STRATEGY: Combine, adapt, and experiment with frequent new releases in an always-evolving meta.

EVERY ACTION HAS A REACTION: Dynamic, alternating gameplay means you can always react and counter—but so can your opponent.

FACE OFF WITH FRIENDS AND FOES: Battle friends for bragging rights, challenge foes in Ranked play, or embark on an Expedition and draft a deck as you go.

DISCOVER RUNETERRA: Explore the epic regions of Runeterra to reveal hidden connections between the denizens, dangers, and creatures that live there.

Great news for the fans of the genre: you can now download Legends of Runeterra on PC Windows.

How To Get Legends of Runeterra On Mobile?

The official Google Play Store version for Android devices is out. Simply head over to the link or click on the link below to download the APK file to manually install LoR on any Android device.

Legends of Runeterra APK

Moreover, if you want all the latest news, information, and upcoming trends to follow, visit the official website to check whether you qualify to receive the beta update.

Legends of Runeterra Android Gameplay Video & Preview:

6 Main Card Decks And Details:


  • Region: Noxus
  • Mana: 6
  • Attack: 6
  • Health: 5
  • Ability: N/A
  • Level up: Enemy nexus has 10 or less health.


  • Region: Piltover & Zaun
  • Mana: 4
  • Attack: 4
  • Health: 3
  • Ability: N/A
  • Level up: Empty your hand.


  • Region: Ionia
  • Mana: 4
  • Attack: 4
  • Health: 3
  • Ability: When an enemy is stunned or recalled, deal 2 damage.
  • Level up: Stun or recall 6 units.


  • Region: Freljord
  • Mana: 3
  • Attack: 0
  • Health: 5
  • Ability: N/A
  • Level up: Survive 10 total damage.


  • Region: Demacia
  • Mana: 5
  • Attack: 5
  • Health: 3
  • Ability: N/A
  • Level up: Enemy casts 6 or more mana worth of spells in a round.


  • Region: Shadow Isles
  • Mana: 5
  • Attack: 3
  • Health: 5
  • Ability: When an enemy dies, heal 1.
  • Level up: Have 3 enemies die with Thresh on board.

Final Words:

Stay tuned for the latest developments about the game here. In the meantime, you are free to go ahead and download Legends of Runeterra Apk linked above and get on with the action-packed gameplay with your friends.