How To Find Red Dead Redemption 2 Wanted Posters In Rhodes Town [2020]

If you’re wondering where to find wanted posters in red dead redemption 2 in 2020, we are going to help you with it.

Playing the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 update from Rockstar Games studio you might know that finding wanted posters of the Chain Gang members in “The Ties That Bind Us” Stranger Mission throw opportunities to earn mega cash rewards that players can then use to upgrade weapons and unlock resources.

However, many players on the RDR2 Fandom Wiki Forum are complaining that they are having difficulty in locating Red Dead Redemption 2 Wanted Posters to take them down in order to help gang members escape the town unnoticed.

red dead redemption 2 wanted posters

Below are the 5 locations to find all Chain Gang Posters in RDR2 and how to find them in The Ties That Bind Us Mission.

RDR2 “The Ties That Bind Us” Side Mission:

red dead redemption 2 wanted poster quest initiation

The premise of Chapter 5 after you complete the main mission The Joys of Civilization shifts over to finishing The Ties That bind Us side mission, which is based on Arthur’s quest to find the Wanted Posters in Rhodes of various criminals belonging to the Chain Gang.

The stranger mission is divided into five parts. But part 3 and part 5 on the map are not automatically marked.

That’s why getting around the hurdle to search for Rhodes Wanted Posters saves Arthur plenty of time otherwise wasted on roaming around the map to collect them.

RDR2 Stranger Quest:

where to find rdr2 wanted posters 2020

There are five missions that you need to finish the quest.

That said, in this article, we will discuss the most challenging task which requires you to find all five chain gang posters dispersed throughout the Rhodes town.

All five posters to take down are found near the starting point of the “The Ties That Bind Us” mission.

rdr 2 most wanted posters 2020

At the beginning of the stranger mission, start by heading down to the south of Rhodes island, situated next to the hill just right below to the southernmost train track.

There you will come across two ruffians engaged in a minor brawl.

Approach them and talk to them. They will ask you to take down the five Rhodes bounty posters littered in the Rhodes town so that they can leave the town without anyone’s notice.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Wanted Posters Locations In “The Ties That Bind Us” Mission:

rdr2 the ties that bind us mission

The Ties That Bind Us is the side quest in a Stranger Mission in RDR2. To get started, go to the post office to find the first of the five wanted posters. The others will be scattered across the town which you will find after hitting the road.

Wanted Posters Rhodes Town:

red dead redemption finding and removing wanted posters

You can help the gang members escape or help authorities capture them and put them into prison.

The above picture shows the locations of the RDR2 wanted posters.

  • Wanted Poster 1 is pinned on the train station’s notice board.
  • Wanted Poster 2 is on the pole next to the main street.
  • Wanted Poster 3 is plastered on yet another pole but another bounty hunter has already removed it from its place. You are better advised to delay following him after you have left the Rhodes. Attack and kill the person to collect the poster from his possess.
  • Wanted Poster 4 on stamped on the wall of one of the buildings in the town.
  • Wanted Poster 5 is on a pole that is hidden behind a hostile individual. Engage in a fistfight with him, defeat him, and remove the poster.

Now let’s see the screenshots of the locations where you will be able to find the wanted posters of the Chain Gang in “The Ties That Bind Us” Stranger Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

RDR2 Wanted Poster Screenshots

Chain Gang Poster Location #1

rdr2 wanted poster #1 rdr2 wanted poster 1

After accepting the request, the first location where you can find the poster should logically be the nearest one. Go to the Rhodes Post Office and walk up to the notice board by the station’s entrance for the wanted poster.

Chain Gang Poster Location #2

rdr2 wanted poster #2 rdr2 wanted poster 2

The second poster is on a post which is not far from the station. However, you will a man slouching on the pole therefore you will have to politely ask him to move aside. The man will land a punch on your face and so you need to bring him down to get the poster. Avoid antagonizing and looting the man, as this will get you reported to the law.

Chain Gang Poster Location #3

rdr2 wanted poster #3 rdr2 wanted poster 3

The third of the Chain Gang Wanted Posters is located near the Sheriff’s office. It will be on the nearby board. No near it and strip it off the wall.

Chain Gang Poster Location #4

rdr2 wanted poster #4 rdr2 wanted poster 4

Chain Gang Wanted Poster four is glued onto a lantern post. Go to the end of the Rhodes main road to find the post. If it doesn’t show up immediately, just wander near the edges of town and the highlighted spot will appear on the map.

Chain Gang Poster Location #5

rdr2 wanted poster #5 rdr2 wanted poster 5

The fifth and the final Chain Gang Wanted Poster is easy to find once you have managed to grab the fourth one thanks to the bounty hunter who has already taken it down. You can try to ask him politely to hand over the poster, but it won’t end on a positive note. So, you have no other way but to rough up the bounty hunter to snatch the poster. But make sure there are no witnesses around as lawmen are aware of that particular absconder’s activities and to make the matter worse his gang member will come looking for Arthur.

Final Words

So this is how you find wanted posters in RDR2 quickly. Once the task is complete, you will see a highlight marker on the map, go to the marked location to conclude part 1 of The Ties That Bind Us.

The rest of the missions of The Ties That Bind Us are pretty straight forward and largely absent of any hunting and searching requirements.

RDR2 “The Ties That Bind Us” Stranger Mission Walkthrough Video

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