Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Version Rumors Denied By MediaMarket

MediaMarket has issued a statement saying that there is no truth to rumors being circulated about the PC Red Dead Redemption 2. Previously, we posted an update that RDR2 PC may well see the light of day, however, the latest announcement rectifies grapevines as unsubstantiated. MediaMarket had the game listed as available for pre-orders to the PC gamers, in anticipation of the possible future release. Well, all such plans have been shelved for now as Rockstar studio, the developer of the famous GTA franchise is yet to make any official declaration in this regard.

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Sadly the joy of seeing the Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC hasn’t lasted long. The MediaMarket online retail chain’s store operating in Sweden has a specific section for all the upcoming game releases. Among them was listed RDR2 PC version under the category “placeholder” which refers to titles expected to have launch announcements in future.

The official statement released by the MediaMarket chain states:

We reviewed the matter with our video game department and the central offices and the response was that it was only a placeholder that was anticipating a possible announcement for the future, as for example happened with Grand Theft Auto V .

Currently the game is not listed or available for pre-sale,” they conclude in their official statement.

Rockstar is keeping its cards close to chest regarding the release of the PC version of latest hit open-world game. Not long ago we thought that there is a possibility of the game arriving on the PC platform when a Rockstar employee unintentionally mentioned the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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