How To Speed Up YouTube Loading in Microsoft Edge

YouTube takes a lot of time to load in Microsoft Edge. This could be down to some intentional ploy by Google to divert users away from the Edge browser over to its own Chrome web browser. Here’s how you can overcome slow YouTube in Microsoft Edge to load videos faster.

speed up youtube

YouTube revamped interface was introduced by Google last year. However, you might have noticed that trying to use the popular video platform on browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple’s Safari, the experience is not as buttery smooth as it is on the Google Chrome. This makes sense business wise for Alphabet, the parent company behind Google and the owner of YouTube, to nudge users away from its rival platforms onto its own service.

Chris Paterson, a program manager at Mozilla, has already stated that the problem isn’t the browser. It’s down to the sly move on Google’s part to resort to a much-derided DOM API feature that only Chrome uses, which leads to YouTube loading five times slower in other browsers.

If you’re a Microsoft Edge, or Firefox, or Safari user, it’s easy to load YouTube faster just as when using chrome.

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Follow the steps in the following guide to make YouTube load faster in Microsoft Edge.

YouTube Load Faster In Microsoft Edge

This method would help make a notable improvement in speeding up YouTube in Microsoft Edge.

  • Launch the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Search Tampermonkey in Edge Extensions, select the extension by Jan Binick and click the install button.

tampermonkey edge extension

  • Next, hit the launch button.
  • Click Turn it on button to enable this extension. If you don’t see a popup to turn on the extension, open Settings, click on Extensions and enable Tampermonkey.
  • Now visit OpenUserJs web page to download the script for the YouTube classic mode.
  • Click the Install button.

tampermonkey youtube classic mode script install

  • Then hit the Install button again.

install youtube classic desgin script

Once the above steps are completed, restart Microsoft Edge and open YouTube classic mode which will load much faster than the revamped version.

Similarly, Firefox users can grab the YouTube Classic add-on here that will make YouTube loading smoother using the older version than on the new design.

Users of Safar browser can get the Tampermonkey extension here with the script to force the faster YouTube loading.

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