Chrono Odyssey MMORPG For PC, Console, And Mobile Confirmed! Learn More Here

Chrono Odyssey MMORPG is an upcoming free-to-play cross-platform MMO for PC, Console, iOS, and Android. According to reports, the next-gen massively multiplayer online role-playing game from South Korean studio NPIXEL will enter testing later in 2021, with a full and final version release slated for 2022.

As the holiday approach ever so close, we are receiving a flurry of game announcements. Among the most notable is the news about the arrival of Chrono Odyssey, which will surely delight the fans of the genre.

Besides offering gameplay support across multiple platforms similar to Pokemon Unite, the Unreal Engine 4 powered title promises to deliver a truly advanced playing experience on computer and mobile devices, as illustrated in the preview trailer below.

chrono odyssey release news

For their next major project, the developers of Gran Saga are working on a space-time epic fantasy MMORPG saga. Featured large-scale battles along with map exploration enhance a new job system consisting of 18 jobs. In addition, there is a “grand story” encompassing time and space, immersive graphics, collaboration among various media sources through novels, comics, and drama production studios, and much more.

chrono odyssey launch news


Music composition by Cris Velasco, whose previous work includes the God of War series, and Resident Evil 7: biohazard, augment the overall package. For more, check out the overview, via Gametsu, below:

Chrono Odyssey, which is formerly known as “Project S,” is an epic fantasy massively multiplayer online RPG about time and space. This project visualizes the story of members of the special organization, “Idraiginn,” waging a huge war against 12 gods.

In Chrono Odyssey, players can experience a vast world with immersive stories, universe, and realistic graphics. Moreover, players can also enjoy unique job systems, maps that transcends time and space, random dungeon utilizes multiple spaces, large-scale RVR contents, high strategies, and excellent combat actions. Also, Cris Velasco, a global game music composer known for God of War, StarCraft, and Overwatch, participated in composing the soundtrack.

Chrono Odyssey is led by the CEO of NPIXEL, Spike Bong-gun Bae, who is known for DK Online and Seven Knights. The project started developing in 2019 and is currently developing it to test it in 2021. It plans to launch on various platforms such as PC, mobile, and console by optimizing graphics, user environment (UI), and user experience (UX).

NPIXEL raised expectations for game performance and potential with its first project, Gran Saga, and the second project, Chrono Odyssey, and attracted 30 billion won ($27 million USD) additional investment from Aspex, SAEHAN Venture Capital, and Altos Ventures last November.

Chrono Odyssey English version is also under development. Gamers on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PS5, iOS, and Android platforms can expect to get their hands on the game sometime in 2022. To know more about the release date, stay tuned as we will let you know as soon as the official announcement with regards to the launch comes out in the public domain.