How To Fix Fortnite Matchmaking Error On Any Device [2023]

If you’re getting the Fortnite matchmaking error in the online battle royale game from Epic Games, refer to the three ways below to fix the matchmaking error in Fortnite on both supported and unsupported devices.

Fortnite players encountering this error are reporting that they can’t join a match. Others say that even after fixing the matchmaking issue, it takes them an unusually long time before they can enter a match.

Whether you get connected to EU servers or anywhere else in the world, this Fortnite matchmaking disabled problem can pop up in any country.

This Fortnite error first surfaced a few years. But its regular occurrence means that the Fortnite matchmaking error 2023 is very much likely to suddenly rear its ugly head due to several reasons mentioned below.

In this guide, I will walk you through different routes to fix the Fortnite matchmaking issue so that you don’t have to wait to join a match on PlayStation, Xbox One, PC, Android, or iOS devices.

fortnite matchmaking error fix

What Is Fortnite Matchmaking Error?

Fortnite is played globally on multiple platforms. Due to the massive player base, it is challenging to keep the gameplay free of errors despite the vast resources at the disposal of Epic Games and Tencent.

This is why many reports are popping up with claims that a matchmaking error is not allowing players to enter a lobby when the battle royale mode is enabled. When this happens, it stops you from joining a match.

Here is what the error message Fortnite “Whoops!” that greets players looks like.


Weird. We couldn’t connect to the match. You can try again, but if the problem continues, check out

In this guide, we are going to explore the causes as well as outline easy working solutions.

fortnite matchmaking error fixed

Fortnite Matchmaking Main Reasons:

The matchmaking error could arise due to any number of reasons. The problem may emanate from the developer Epic Games’ end.

Unfortunately, no specific known bug gives rise to this problem within the developer’s reach to eliminate it through a game update.

It is likely due to the continuously increasing number of players eager to prove their mettle in the online arena against millions worldwide.

So, in short, we can term the following reasons as probable culprits behind the matchmaking problem:

  • Simultaneous Updating: When Epic Games releases a Fortnite update, millions of players try to download it simultaneously, overloading servers responsible for this error.
  • Queue Lines: Pressing the Play button in the game places you in a matchmaking queue. However, when many players push the Play during busy hours simultaneously, the queues overload servers leading to their breakdown.

Regardless of the reason, this issue is straightforward to resolve if you know the solutions. So let’s jump to our main topic.

How To Remove Fortnite Matchmaking Error:

You can follow the instructions in these methods to fix the matchmaking error on Fortnite. Apply the fixes in sequence as shown below according to their difficulty level from easy to complex.

Solution 1 – Restart The Game

The most basic troubleshooting step is to close the app and open it again.

Restart Fortnite and attempt matchmaking again to see if the error is gone.

However, simply closing the game may not work all the time.

In this case, try to close the Fortnite game and its launcher before restarting it.

Here are the steps if you’re on PC:

Step 1: On your computer, right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager on the contextual menu.

Step 2: In Task Manager, click on the Processes tab, select Epic Games Launcher on the list, and hit the End task button.

Step 3: Once done, open the Epic Games Launcher and run Fortnite.

Step 4: Try to connect to the game’s server. It should work this time.

Step 5: That’s it.

If you’re using a console, reboot your PlayStation or Xbox One.

This is the most simple of all the troubleshooting solutions. If this fails, see the next solution.

Solution 2 – Change Matchmaking Region

Successful matchmaking depends on the server status in your region.

You can change your game server to a different region and try to connect again to eradicate the matchmaking problem.

This workaround involves restarting your internet router and after it reconnects to your network, try to join a match.

You can also attempt to switch your internet connection to a network different from the one you’re currently using. Just make sure to keep data charges in mind beforehand.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open Fortnite on your device.

Step 2: Click on the menu icon and select Settings.

Step 3: Now hit the gear icon in Settings and the Matchmaking Region field change; select a server different from your region.

Step 4: Once done, click the Apply button and go back to the game to attempt matchmaking again.

Step 5: That’s all.

If you’re still getting the matchmaking error in Fortnite, see the third solution on our list.

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Solution 3 – Change Date And Time Settings

Sometimes, the game server fails to connect with your device if your date and time settings don’t match those at the server’s end.

You can change the date and time in the Settings menu on a console.

PC users can follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the Start button.

Step 2: Go to Settings.

Step 3: Click Time & Language.

Step 4: Make sure to disable the Set time automatically option.

Step 5: Now, hit the Change button.

Step 6: Adjust the date and time to your region.

Step 7: Click the Change button to confirm changes.

Step 8: Now, open Fortnite and play the game again. This time it should work.

Step 9: All done.

Final Words

Whenever Epic Games pushes an updated patch, the matchmaking queues get disabled about half an hour before a new update lands. This is why players struggle to connect to the official game servers despite being active in the game.

In such scenarios, visit the official Epic Games Twitter account to watch all the latest news and information.