Top 10 Video Editor Apps And Movie Maker For Android [2021]

Here is our pick of best video editing and movie-making apps for Android devices in 2021. This Top 10 video editor app list consists of applications that are popular among users because of their advanced edit tools and useful features.

Ease of use is another important metric many highly consider while choosing from a plethora of video maker and editor tools on Google Play Store or other third-party app stores.

In terms of popularity, apps for image editing have a huge demand not only among professionals but also non-professionals as people desire to stand out from the crowd and impress others with their photography and film-making chops on different social media platforms.

However, with seemingly everyone in the grips of a contemporary craze around presenting the best possible version themselves online, hundreds of apps and tools have propped up that need continuous updates to keep pace with the constantly evolving individual tastes and requirements.

And since each app differs from the other in some respect, choose the right one that meets your needs can become a hassle of sorts. Therefore, to ease your search burden, we have narrowed down the available tool list to the ten best video editing apps that everyone can use on their mobile or tablet.

video editor apps

10 Best Video Editing & Film Making Apps [2021]:

Here is our lineup of best image editors and moviemakers for Android mobile users, as of this writing. Apps are listed in no specific order or quality rank. Items included come with overlapping features along with a set of unique services.


kinemaster app

The first, and perhaps the most in-demand in causal user category on mobile devices running PC Windows and Android OS, is KineMaster. This application is serving users with quality video editing features for a long time now.

One of the reasons behind the success of Kine Master is that the app presents tons of advanced editor tools to simplify video editing tasks for even an average user.

Plus, it allows you to import videos from external devices with maximum quality notching up to 4K resolution.

Additionally, there is a pack of editing tools including critically acclaimed effects filters and lightning.

Simply, retrieve videos or upload directly from your device and start editing your clips without going through a lengthy learning curve.

Adobe Premiere Rush

adobe premiere rush

The name Adobe has become synonymous with video and image editing over the years. Adobe Premiere Rush, as its name implies, gives users who are in a rush the ability to quickly edit their content on the go using mobile devices.

Perhaps the best feature of this app is the Multitrack Timeline; the tool enables users to merge multiple short videos to assemble a clip of longer durations.

Furthermore, sound equalizer and background blurring bring out the best experience. Combining sound with image slideshows makes for a perfect recipe to share with loved ones and friends.


vivacut app

Vivacut gives non-experts all the assistance to combine multiple clips into one video resulting in the formation of a multi-layered texture. The output renders with twice the exposure, depending on the individual preference.

One tap of an undo or redo button reverts the step. This way you can rectify your mistake before finalizing your choice. Edit with freedom from worrying about editing errors.


magisto app

Next up is Magisto. This application boasts some differentiated features you won’t see in other similar tools. Besides having all the usual bells and whistles to edit videos, it can create videos within the program; you don’t need to import videos.

To enhance motion effects for entertainment, the application has easy-to-use special effects implementation options.

The app also supports video edits of a longer duration up to 10 minutes at the highest quality. Even on mobile devices, editing long clips is a breeze. The only thing to consider is that rendering and archiving the complete video clip will take time compared to videos of a shorter duration.

Alight Motion

alight motion app

When taking into account color-specialized apps, it is hard to not notice one name Alight Motion – a multipurpose color correction app. Once downloaded, users get access to a color palette composed of millions of different color schemes which you can apply to various objects in the video.

The application is capable of creating extremely streamlined motion animation effects thus allowing users liberty to unleash their creativity.

In addition, users can group layers to form a unique end-product. Besides, the option to apply precision coloring to the borders of objects in the video makes an appealing impression on the viewer.

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gopro app

If you like capturing short videos while moving around or can’t resist capturing every moment, GoPro comes packed with all the tools you need. Capture every moment of your life through short videos via your smartphone and watch them anywhere.

Included in the highlights of this app are automatic editing and frame cropping to perfect size. Record multiple short video clips of several seconds and then add them together into a single video to watch your journey as one film.


inshot app

InShot is one of the top video editing applications with a relatively long lifespan and a set of unique features. The one prominent aspect of the application is its special filter effects coupled with fast forward or showdown the video.

When you combine more than one video, the app’s diverse transition effects make the video really pop out. In a video containing many other elements, the seamless transition effect ensures you can follow the content without disruption.


filmorago app

If you’re looking to create video content aimed at a younger audience, FilmoraGo possesses a perfect mixture of editing tools to get the best outcome. In this app, users can create their own filters, and built-in tools provide everything you need to achieve the best results.

This app is all about the freedom to creatively edition videos and enhancing their attractiveness. The featured tools take care of other parameters of video customization, such as saturation, exposure, brightness, contrast, etc.


videoshow app

Millions of people use VideoShow to augment their videos before sharing them on social media. Out of many interesting features that the app brings to the table, GIF MAKER for creating your own GIFs is one of the most used.

The application automatically sets up a video clip to create its GIF file format. Also, you can add text to the video. On top of that, vibrant text effects make the whole video more eye-catching.

Film Maker Pro

film maker pro app

Film Maker Pro video editor app aims to offer services to both professionals and amateurs alike. The cinema-style editing tool of this app ends up creating a unique cinematic experience on your mobile. You can introduce cinema effects to your videos such as film, retro, Lightwave, and more.


youcut app

YouCut editor is known for its user-friendly interface, short learning curve, and impressive array of editing options. Besides video cutting and merging, it comes with lots of unique and classic effects to render your videos in high quality. What’s more, this application contains a large library of soundtracks and much to choose from for your videos.

In conclusion, these are the top best video editor apps for Android users. Each application has its own special characteristics. Hopefully, you can find the one that gets the job done. Enjoy!

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