The Division Resurgence Apk Direct Download Link 2023 [Ubisoft Official Shooter Game]

The promised and long-awaited December 2023 update of the official The Division Resurgence action shooter game is now available to download on mobile devices. Here download and install The Division Resurgence Apk on a smartphone or tablet to play the latest version of the new tactical shooter game from Ubisoft that takes place in a dark zone and urban New York City.

For The Division Resurgence mobile download, you don’t need to wait until the latest release of Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence with new features because The Division Resurgence Full Apk is available in the link below. It is now possible to manually install The Division Resurgence app featuring massive free-to-play multiplayer open-world gameplay.

You can download v1.666.0.0 of the The Division Resurgence Apk app via the XAPK file from the link below and follow the installation instructions in a step-by-step guide to properly set up and run The Division Resurgence Android full version 1.666.0.0 and play the official third-person shooter with pre-registration rewards before the release.

This is your opportunity to specialize, loot, craft, mod, and upgrade to investigate the vast Division world!

But first, here is everything you should know about Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence Apk preview, walkthrough, review, what’s new in this update, video clips, and how to download and install The Division Resurgence on Android and iOS.

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The Division Resurgence Apk File Details:

App Name The_Division_Resurgence.apk
File Size 1.8GB
Latest Version v1.666.0.0
Operating System Android 5.0 and up
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
Updated On December 18, 2023
Google Play Store The Division Resurgence Play Store

Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence Overview:

tom clancy's the divison resurgence

The Division Resurgence brings the acclaimed gameplay experience of the Tom Clancy franchise to mobile!

Enjoy a AAA experience featuring a new storyline set in the massive urban open world of New York City. Test your skills in the infamous PVP modes of the franchise, Dark Zone and Conflict.

Register below for a chance to be among the first Agents to play and stay updated on the latest news.

The Regional Beta is now open!

Pre-register to have a chance to discover a big portion of the early game content: story missions, side missions, open-world activities, PvP activities and the unique PvPvE Dark Zone activity.

More invites will be dropped soon through our social media and content creators, so stay tuned!

Pre-register now to unlock unique rewards at launch!

the division resurgence mobile apk

The Division Experience On Mobile:

The Division Resurgence is a third-person shooter RPG set in a massive urban open world. It offers the same acclaimed HD experience tailored to mobile.

The Division Resurgence is a whole new opus in Tom Clancy’s The Division franchise, with the addition of a new storyline, factions, and much more.

Controls and user interface are specifically tailored to ensure a smooth experience on handheld devices. Enjoy a new entry of the acclaimed Third-Person Shooter RPG and original game modes set in an urban open world.

The Division Resurgence Launch Trailer:

The Division Resurgence Walkthrough:

The Division Resurgence is a free-to-download third-person shooter RPG set in a shared MMO open world.

All the action happens in a contemporary post-crisis New York city, after a virus outbreak has created chaos and the collapse of the American government.

Fight In PvP On Mobile

The Dark Zone comes to mobile! Test your skills in the Conflict modes Skirmish and domination for a pure competitive experience.

Or enter the infamous Dark Zone, a unique PvPvE open-world area.

Alone or as a team, take down powerful enemies to reap high-end gear & rewards before other players (or even team members) claim them from you.

the division resurgence

A Whole New Storyline In A Vast Open-World

For newcomers and veterans, discover a new PVE campaign. Be part of the legendary first wave of SHD agents and get a unique perspective of the events around The Division 1 and 2.

Explore the open-world in Solo or Coop and roam around an outstandingly detailed urban environment with stunning graphics.

Collect And Upgrade Tons Of Gears And Weapons

Loot, craft, mod, and upgrade your gear to fight your enemies. Customize your character with a wide arsenal at your fingertips.

Choose Your Specialization To Fit Your Own Playstyle

Level up and improve your skills to unlock new signature weapons and unique gadgets.

Switch specialization and change your role anytime to try new abilities and find the best synergy with your friends.

The Division Resurgence Twitter:

For more, visit and follow the official Twitter account @TheDivMobile for all the latest news, updates, information, discussions, join the online community, connect with other fans across the globe, and much more.

Division Resurgence PvP Activities:

In solo or in coop, in PVP or PVE, enter The Division Resurgence, the new shooter RPG, roam freely in the impressive NYC open-world, choose the tactical gameplay that fits you most, and take all the opportunities to combat chaos and save New York from the hands of the villains.

While we’re impatiently waiting for the Summer Test to start, here is one friendly way you will be able to test your mettle with and against other agents, as well as one much more unsavory option.

Conflict Domination

Looking for a straight-up fight against other Agents? Look no further, this is the place to be!

The rules in Conflict Domination are simple:

  • 2 teams of 4 players face off in a closed environment
  • They are tasked with taking and holding strategic objectives
  • Each objective will earn the team holding it one point per second
  • The first team to reach 100 points wins the match

While you are allowed to use any skill in your possession to grab the momentum and take out your enemies, don’t forget that teamwork will be your strongest weapon.

Similarly, while overcoming your adversary in a straight-out gunfight, this conflict is about strategy and can only be won by playing the [REDACTED] objective!

In Conflict Domination all Player power will be normalized, so anyone can join alone or as a team without any limit on who they will be matched with.

To make sure all our Agents have a chance to have fun and obtain rewards, special balancing mechanics in Conflict Domination will ensure fairness between players.

The base statistics for all participants will be normalized with the ratios of each player’s Firepower, Toughness, and Engineering being respected, and statistic gains from upgrades (weapons, mods, SHD protocols for example) are removed in this game mode. However, weapon talent bonuses are preserved.

What does this mean for you? These changes will allow any player to enjoy the Conflict Domination game mode without worrying about the level or upgrade difference between them and other players, while still being able to enjoy testing out specific builds and weapons in a competitive environment.

Rogue Agents in The Dark Zone

We are all free to write our own story and, while there are real advantages to running as a pack, some Agents prefer hunting solo, going as far as turning Rogue and hunting other Agents in the Dark Zone!

The Dark Zone is a place of great danger but that can yield great rewards. It’s a place where contamination levels are way above what we normally see and your stay there should be short if you want to make sure you stay healthy. While there, there are many objectives for you to hunt down, areas to discover and loot to be extracted, but danger lurks in the dark.

At any point, Agents can decide to go rogue and start attacking other friendly Agents to claim their precious loot for themselves. But they can also seek redemption either through a dedicated terminal in the DZ or by waiting out a dedicated timer which only gets longer the more they attack friendly Agents.

These are quite probably the most dangerous enemies you could ever meet as they will retain all the advantages their level, upgrades, and equipment will grant them. So it’s wise not to venture into the Dark Zone alone. Even with a team, you may want to keep a close eye on your team members in case they suddenly find you to be the juicier target.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? In the DZ they may be one and the same!

The Division Resurgence Screenshots:

tom clancy's the division resurgence screenshots the division resurgence mobile screenshot the division resurgence screenshots the division resurgence screenshot the division resurgence mobile screenshots the division resurgence apk screenshot the division resurgence apk screenshots

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Download And Install Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence APK For Android:

Step 1: Download The Division Resurgence v1.666.0.0 Apk + OBB Data by clicking on the link below.

Step 2: Now go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources to allow your Android device to install the .apk file.

Step 3: Locate the downloaded APK on your phone and tap on it to begin the installation process.

Step 4: Follow the setup instructions on the screen to properly install the app.

Step 5: All Done. Click the download link below for a fully working latest app apk.

The Division Resurgence 2023 Apk Download Link