iOS 14.5 Fixes OLED Screen Issue Causing Dim Glow At Low Brightness On iPhone! Here’s More

With the release of the iOS 14.5 firmware, Apple has finally put an end to the iPhone 12 OLED screen issue that had online community forums buzzing with complaints. Before iOS 14.5 release notes confirmed the fix, several reports mentioned that the weird display issue reared its ugly head when a dim glow effect appeared on the OLED screen of the jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhone at a low brightness level.

dim glow issue at low brightness on iphone 12

Apple Fixes Dim Glow Issue At Reduced Brightness Levels With Black Backgrounds

iPhone users are no strangers to grappling with some sort of display issue. Not surprisingly, users of the new iPhone 12 smartphones also reported a dim glow effect popping up on their screen when viewing something with a completely black background at low brightness levels. The flaw becomes apparent when you look closely and gets more visible when you use dark rather frequently.

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The good news has arrived as Apple finally weeds out the issue with the iOS version 14.5. You can start enjoying the great display of your iPhone free from concerns about unwieldy glow interfering with your viewing experience.

dim glow iphone

Besides iPhone users, iPad owners ran into this issue of a dim glow at reduced brightness on their tablets as well. But it should come as a relief to many that Apple has finally taken concrete steps to address the problem for good across all its products ranging from phones to tablets.

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The solution to the dim glow at low brightness arrives with the full and final version of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 worldwide. The latest firmware update comes packed with many useful features such as the ability to unlock the iOS device using Apple Watch thus allowing users to bypass Face ID if they are wearing a mask. Additionally, support for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 controllers is also incorporated into the operating system, so you can play games on your phone or tablet with the best gaming controllers available.