How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages, Videos, Photos (Android)

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages, Photos and Videos: Not long ago, WhatsApp developers introduced a feature that gives users the ability to delete sent messages. But that also created a new problem: what if you deleted an important message by mistake? Or you simply want to recover files deleted during the conversations such as text messages, photos, or videos? Well, here is what you need to do to recover deleted WhatsApp files such as text messages, videos and photos on your Android smartphone or tablet.

recover deleted whatsapp text messages and media files

Let’s face it, we have all been in a situation where this WhatsApp messages recovery could be really useful. Incorporating this feature into one of the most popular instant messaging platforms on earth has many benefits. Just like deleting an unwanted message is a handy feature on WhatsApp, similarly, having the tools to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp could be a lifesaver. Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t have any built-in feature that makes it possible to recover intentionally deleted files, such as texts, images or videos. However, there is a workaround this issue for Android users.

The first solution is an application called Notisave for Android. This is a free app that monitors notifications. This saves all the notifications you receive to read later. Predictably, this only works for text messages, however, it will work for apps other than WhatsApp.

This sends a new notification for a new WhatsApp message to your device, even if it has already been deleted. So Notisave ensures that you have that text, ready for personal use, even if the original message is no longer in your WhatsApp conversation.

On the other hand, when it comes to media files, such as phones and videos, you have another option in the form of an application called WhatsRemoved on Android. This app is mainly designed to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp. It also acts as a notification monitor, hence offering dual-functionality in one app. While WhatsRemoved recovers any deleted WhatsApp messages, you can go even further and find out any removal before you notice it immediately. This app supports text message recovery, and also media files including images and clips.

recover deleted whatsapp files

Although there are plenty of other applications that offer similar features but these are, according to our estimate, among the best free apps that can be use by anyone who wants to recover deleted messages, photos and videos on WhatsApp for Android. These will get the job done. Download Links are given below.

Notisave for Android Download

WhatsRemoved for Android Download

So what do you think, did these apps work on your device? If you know of any other similar app, share with us in comments below.